Idle bug not fixed?

Hello fellow hearthlings, ToeJam here! Remember when the Stonehearth Dev. team fixed the idle bug in Alpha 13? Well…l You should take a look at this…

Ingame footage of Alpha 13

As you can see, most of my hearthlings are idle. What you also see in the top right corner is some highlighted ground. What was happening was I started out the world and thought I’d better get mining! So I went ahead, gave them the job, and everything ran smoothly, until they stopped. I was curious and checked the new Hearthling Therapist, which said that all the hearthlings were idle, even when I gave them a job. I even checked the bar down below and it said nearly 100% of my hearthlings were idle! So, I decided to create a new world…

I had the same problem as before…

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, or the idle glitch has come for revenge! Thanks for taking time to read this. If you didn’t or skipped ahead, I don’t blame you. See you later!:cookie:

It looks like your Hearthlings might have gotten stuck when mining? Try building a ladder up to that next level.

Also, the “idle” on the bottom bar means that your computer has spent most of its time on idle [presumably because your Hearthlings aren’t doing much], not directly that your Hearthlings are idle.

Most of the hearthlings weren’t stuck mining aaaannnddd i had no wood xP But thanks about the bar anyways.:cookie:

is it just that mining order they wont do? or is it everything you tell them to do?

A* is just a pathfinding search through a grid or tree (one of the best, in fact), and subspace partitioning is just a special type of grid.

A* or a variant of it is probably still used behind the scenes, and that’s not directly related to idle bugs or odd paths. There are probably a lot of bugs in the pathfinding code still, though.

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I realised I brainfarted and what I’ve witnessed wasn’t actually A* (I dumb cause not remember what A* was)
Looks like some costly circle jerk actually, for the crafters at least.

Potato internet fixed
This is my expertly crafted diagram of the previously mentioned circle jerk.
I think the case might also be present for hearthlings on a gathering job.
At the very least, when they have an item to store away, they’re not using A* when searching for a storage area.
Maybe my game’s not updated.

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Yeah, there are probably still a lot of pathfinding bugs. If you manage to get any gifs or videos of them, it might show the problems even better.