The"IDLE MUSINGS" on my laptop

I saw the announcement of the developers on the matter:

Because since alpha 12 does not have serious problems with regard to the building (at least for me)
so here guys my Graphics Card ::

my laptop is core i7 ,nvidia geforce Lenovo y50-70 new ver ( here is the display sittings right now)

and we taking about “The Idle Hearthling problem” after like 20 pepole in the Village.
so what do you guys think ?
is this my laptop or something also?
tnx guys!

The idle hearthling has not been fixed yet, it’s in progress. I think Tony mentioned that for some people it might appear before and for some people later.

So it might be partially related to hardware, but the main problem is in the game, that’s why they are optimizing it.

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thank’s ( :smile:
so after alpha 12 will come out the problem will be fix?
or after like 13 ?

Soon it will fix these problems.
Probably when publishing alpha 12 (completed)

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You can try running the unstable branch but yeah even with the new fixes I’m still topping out around 13 hearthlings with an i5. The idle hearthling bug is something they’re gonna be working on for a while. Maybe by the time the game gets out of Alpha, I’ll be ready to upgrade :stuck_out_tongue: