Massive drop in game FPS / Villagers idle

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Just finished building a 2 story hall but halfway through removal of the scaffolding the game FPS dropped and all the villagers ceased to move/function. I can still scroll around the map fine (day/night cycle continues albeit at a snails pace).

Noticed a few similar posts below, is this something that is being picked up as this save file is now unable to play.




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Well, we’ve seen idle bugs before. Specifically, there was this one from Alpha 9 that took a while to solve. It’s bad news if they’re back. I think Radiant ought to check that it’s not the same reason, but this things can be hard to find. If you can give any more details, or any steps to reproduce this bug, go ahead.

[Also, this should probably be in the Support/Active Bug category instead of just Support. @SteveAdamo?.. and you have to give yet another official welcome.]

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I have the same issue when it gets to 12 Hearthlings. I will have to test more but it seems like that is the hard line… at least for me.

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Got the exact same problem, 12 hearthlings, massive drop in FPS, worked fine before, every hearthling is idle but have work orders to do.

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I’ve now reached 27 Hearthlings. The workers mostly spend their days standing around, eating then sleeping. Occasionally they’ll must the energy to move a basket of food or gold. Not sure how many villagers the engine was designed to (can) handle. I will keep growing the village until it becomes unplayable and let you know the final count.

On a side note, amassing the food required for anything more than 20 Hearthlings gets a bit silly. I was long ago forced to go underground in search of more storage space!

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this is a topic discussed very often here on the discourse,

but eventually we will get crates and barrels to store food in.

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