Most of my hearthlings are idle

Im on alpha 12 dev 2620
My hearthlings are just idling, not just the workers, but my farmers and crafters too. I will wait a few minutes and they will move for a little bit and do some of there basic actions, but then they will go idle again. I even gave a promote command to one of my hearthlings and she wouldnt move.

Ill post any logs or anything needed, just unsure how. i also saved the game.

P.S while making this post, my hearthlings got hungry. They waited one tic of the day before they all went to get food. then were productive for one more tick of the day and went idle again.


@Ponder was looking for saves like this! You should send this save to him, I think it would help.


indeed it would! :smiley:

@dragonman93, feel free to upload to somewhere like Dropbox or filedropper… thanks! :+1:

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isnt the preferred method of giving TR saves by sending it to their email…?

they’ll take the files by whatever means is easiest … email, fileshare, carrier pigeon … :smile:

but yes, is also perfectly acceptable (although some mail clients will strip files that are presumed to be malicious)…


Oh, this has happened in my current game, i thought it was just a side effect of having a population of 15 / being late game. I’ll send in a savegame also.

yah, I had the same thing, I found anything after 15 people and things start to go wonky in the game

Same problem here, where should I upload the savegame…? O.o

just providing it the original way that @SteveAdamo said,

I’ve compressed it with winrar; unfortunately my upload bandwidth is nearly null… :frowning:
[Savegame build 0.20.0 dev 2620 x64][1]
[1]: Free File Hosting - Online Storage; Upload Mp3, Videos, Music. Backup Files

It gives me 2 errors; one that’s the usual one that locks the toons in idle and the other one about waterfalls.
Also the “loot” function do not works; the toons picks up resources and drops them on the ground nearby without returning to the town.

So i have reloaded the file after a few days, it has somewhat fixed itself. No more idle, but still not exactly efficient. I am gonna run it a few more in game days and if it happens again, ill send the file to the devs.

I keep getting this after around day ten or so almost regardless of the number of hearthlings.

I suspect it has more to do with long-distance trips for supplies or items; I notice it seems to start happening whenever there are things to gather and fetch that are either inaccessible or more than a few “screens” away from the base camp.

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Yea i figured it was some kinda of memory leak or overlapping pathfinding calculations or something like that. So i shut off the game and reloaded and it was still happening. However,after waiting 3 real days before reloading, i am 1 ingame day in and no real problems, so im slightly unsure what the issue was. I guess we shall see after a few more days.

Same here, in fact they won’t reach, after some days, far locations of the map from their own position.

Yup, exactly – after about ten days in, the distant parts of the map become a country from which no traveler returns.

Listening to the Dev Stream about fixing the idle bug, it sounds like one solution they’ve implemented is to move away from a “task” system to one that searches by proximity for the next closest available [job], then does that. It may be that that search function is in turn breaking down over long distances, so that workers who get too far away from the main activity hub just sortof freeze up.

Yea i started getting people to idle again. I think the main reason is they did not want to mine far away. Some would not even finish my building that was right next to them, just rest at the firepit.
i sent the save files to
would that be the best method or does someone have a more reliable method of sending save files.

mine in many games are doing the same thing, either they dont want to finish building the house. or the crafters dont want to craft and people dont want to gather

I know the problem. A restart from the complete game helps from time to time to completed the tasks from the workshops.
If I order something or new orders.

oh I have done that on many occasions, even paused and unpaused the game forany where from 5-30 min. and still nothing.

there are no errors that pop up either.

Thank you for the save. I can confirm that the hearthlings don’t eat when I load up the save, so something is definitely up here. Will look into it!

P.S. It’s great to get saves like this that will reproduce the issue as soon as loaded. I’m sorry your town is stuck in idle, but perhaps it is just a little comforting to know that their stuckness will greatly help future hearthlings!