All Villagers are Idle

Hello guys,

I am reporting an bug which occured in a world of mine. I was playing and building and out of nowhere all my villagers were just standing and were idle.

I have 4 errors:

  1. th/service/server/build/scaffolding_builder_ld.luac:29: assertion failed
  2. c++ exception: lua runtime error
    3)th/service/server/build/scaffolding_builder_ld.luac:29: assertion failed
  3. c++ exception: lua runtime error

hello, and welcome to the discourse @SLHurricane :smile:

could you perhaps give us your system specs, and are you playing the steam or humble bundle version of the game? and are you playing the 64-bit or 32-bit version?


hey there, welcome aboard! :smile: :+1:

indeed, this would be helpful… as you are a new member, you cant quite yet post images… so feel free to toss one or two up on and provide the link… i’ll get it embedded for you… :+1:

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