[Dev Blog] Alpha 13 updated to Release-489

We unearthed (heh) some issues which could interfere with mining and contribute to the idle hearthling problem.Those have been addressed in this update to Stonehearth Alpha 13, now on Steam.

Bug FixesFixed another idle hearthling bug.CPP AI and the Subspace Pathfinder are now always on and cannot be disabled. This should fix some games that were crashing when they were turned off.Fixed bug that was causing hearthlings to run in place or attempt to walk through the air.Removed optimization that was causing some mining faces to be hard to mine.Fixed Citizens window not properly selecting a citizen.


For Translators:

  •            "enable_cpp_ai": "Enable CPP AI (Requres Restart)",
             "enable_cpp_ai_description": "Use the new ai system that is written in C++. This should be faster than the old ai system and should handle large towns better.",
             "enable_subspace_pathfinder": "Enable Subspace Pathfinder (Requres Restart)",
             "enable_subspace_pathfinder_description": "Use the new pathfinder that is more efficient and can search farther than the old path finder. However, pathing wonkiness may occur. Please report any pathing issues you find!", 

-> removed

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