AI Cutting Corners

Caught one of the new AI Hearthlings trying to continually cut a corner after dropping off a resource. He always gets stuck in this spot. Eventually breaks free and then get’s caught again.

Is the subspace pathfinder turned on?

Yes it is.

I think he was trying to do the little shuffle diagonal step and isn’t able to complete the full maneuver.

They are getting caught on the outside of the door jam. The pathing is making it think that the edge of the door is the hole in the wall not where the opening of the door is.

But I’m sure you figured that out.

I’m having the same problem with my cook getting stuck on the wall next to the door so I moved the cooking stoves outside so he wouldn’t get stuck, buuut, he still got stuck on the stoves outside. I also get an error saying the path was not continus for that person and the game starts suttering and the pathfinder work % shoots thru the roof.

So everytime my games starts stuttering like crazy I know someones stuck. (So far only the cook seems to get stuck)

i am getting this same issue in 2630, everything is turned on etc. it happens mainly while mining for me.

usually i have to do the ‘reset’ command to get them to get out of it

I activated the experimental AI and pathfinders seeing as the other major bugs seem to be worked out or in the process of being worked out already for this build. I’ve been spending time assigning tasks and observing their behaviours fairly closely to help identify eccentricities and quirks.

I’ll continue to add to the thread if I notice anything else with the pathfinder or AI. Everybody else, please feel free to add things you have noticed and/or any work-arounds you come up with :smile:

Back on topic; the only thing I have noticed so far is a habit of not navigating corners very well. After spending some time watching a few get stuck and how they get stuck, it seems as though the pathfinder is setting the path according to the exact center point of the hearthling and not allowing for the neccessary room for the body to navigate the corner. (ie- shoulder/chest hits the wall as it tries to pass and gets hung up. observing this happen, the centerline is always on course to just barely pass the corner with half the hearthling body colliding with the wall)

A quik workaround if you have hung hearthlings is to use the “reset” command in the console. It usually takes 2-3 tries to get the hearthling moved over enough to clear the corner but it hasn’t failed to work yet :slight_smile:

Hmm. This definitely isn’t a problem with the old pathfinder. Even if their body would clip a little, they have no problem getting through.

This has definitely been posted before, and even acknowledged (I think). Let me look.
Here it is:

Paging @8BitCrab, @SteveAdamo, or @Relyss

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yeah, it’s not causing errors or glitching the game, just need to reset the occasional hearthling. It seems to happen more often with newly placed items and newly dug tunnel entrances…not sure if that’s coincidence or if there is a learning component