[Res] SGT Bug: Can't select people on left-click

Making a bug topic for this issue:

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I have this issue as well, is their a fix or anything for it?

I too have this bug…
Also hello to everyone :smiley: I haven’t been here in a while…

hey folks… we’re just now opening the Bug Reports section, and ironing out the process for reporting, etc.

if you would, please take a look at the announcement thread, to get a feel for the process… :+1:

as it stands now, this is for reporting existing bugs, following the guidelines, and commenting on existing reports if you have some additional information to provide… otherwise, a “like” helps confirm that the problem exists outside an isolated incident…

thanks!! :smile:

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I just noticed that this does happen when I run the game on my laptops intel integrated graphics (HD 4000), when I switch to the Radeon HD 7970, this issue disappears. On my desktop machine (nVidia GT 210), it also doesn’t happen.

If I need to test anything i particular, I’m available.

I do not see the Yellow contoured When I point my mouse :confused:

thanks @Sneus … i know @Geoffers747 merged your thread here…

but just to point out the most helpful option for future reference, simply liking the original report goes a long way towards helping Radiant identify those bugs that are wide spread… :+1:

oh, and welcome aboard! :smile:

So I do not worry about the game? Because I ordered and I’m afraid ^ ^

( Google translate ) Sorry , I speak french ^^

no, i would not worry about your ability to play the game, based on this initial graphics test… however, there will be another updated graphics test released as well (we dont know exactly when just yet), so be on the lookout for that! :smiley:

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Nothing to be worried about! They are aware of the issue, I imagine it is one of the first things sorted out.

They are releasing another version of the graphics test for us to try at some point, so this will more than likely fix some things and break others :slight_smile:

@Miturion we might need some assistance …

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Thank you! Well I leave you I must work on my website: StoneHearth.fr


sorry for my very bad english

Ps: A French version of the game will be available?

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Sorry for my bad French! It’s okay :smile:

The game will be locally translated, so there will be a french version at some point :smile:

yes, there are the beginnings of translation efforts already underway… and there are quite a few French volunteers… :wink:

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I know you are helpless without me, but I have no idea what assistance you need :smile:

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For some odd reason I believe you are French and that you might have been able to cross the language barrier!

This is where you turn around and say “Geoffers, you are crazy, I am not French.”

turns around Geoffers, you are crazy, I am not French. While my avatar might look frenchish, I am not. :blush:

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