Enemies destroy buildings and walls

I’ve looked around on the forums and I have noticed that there is a few suggestions that may contain this but not in much detail. There are many that ask for the possibility for the player to remove their own buildings. However I am suggesting the possible addition of enemies being able to break into your buildings and through your walls. Whether it be through a titan just wading through your buildings, or a small band of goblins running up, laddering up the wall and into your base, or even a full siege with goblin/zombie armies outside your wall with catapults tossing rocks in ripping apart your buildings and tearing holes in your walls. Obviously this last one might be the from constant refusal to give tribute to goblins and constant destruction of their war camps.

Just a few thoughts! If it has been suggested before, I am sorry for mentioning it again.


Hey there @Geoffrey_Jones, welcome to the Discourse! This is definitely planned by the devs, but there is no timeline on what Alpha we should expect it in. Alpha 14 brought a big list of combat changes, so who knows what’s next!


currently I have seen enemies walk right thought doors
I would rather them target a door first but it would be a cool idea to have to rebuild damaged walls/buildings


which type of door? i thought that it was made so that they couldnt go through doors…

it was a reinforced single door… I didn’t snag a screen shot thought :sweat_smile:

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