Building + Combat

Hey! Would be really great to be able to have a way to destroy block in a building after it has been built or even whole building, for exemple i got stuck with a stone wall and couldnt place a door in it and wasnt able to destroy it :confused:

Also when you enter combat why not go into a rts like mod, controling hearthler with mouse, would be much better in combat, don’t know if it could be possible but would be cool.

Last, would be great to add in the liss of town citizen their stats in small just to see what their good at in a glance and not to have to watch every single citizen one by one.

Well i hope you found my ideas interesting and keep the good work :slight_smile: just bought the game and i m already addicted, love it. Sorry for if all my sentences arent correct btw :confused:

Not sure what you mean by destroy block… There is an eraser tool for slabs, and indirectly can be used for doors & windows.

As to destroy building as a whole you can use the console command.

select item building piece; will know if selected by lower right info box.

Type destroy
hit enter key

Then selected piece will vanish from world.

I usually use that as a last resort type of thing. Unfortunately though you may have to do this several times if you want the entire building gone. Selecting each individual part/piece of it and typing destroy every time. Although you can just use the up arrow key to bring last command used, so you don’t have to type it each time. Regardless for muli-piece buildings this will still take a bit.

As to the combat, they have their reasons. Most specifically geared towards not making it too micro management like that you would see in an RTS. Which this game isn’t a complete RTS, but more of a colony builder type; which is more along the lines of light RTS elements. revolving around town guidance rather than full control that you would see in those sort of games. At least from what I gather.

They or someone else would probably explain that last bit better than me, as I play a certain way that makes the way it is comfortable; although still a work in progress for AI improvements. :slight_smile:

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Whole buildings can be deconstructed in-game returning their full cost. There’s such button when you select your building. A word of caution: once you’ve ordered to remove the building, you currently can’t cancel that order.

As for combat, Tamorr is right. It’s made intentionally. As far as I know, Radiant expects us to provide more strategical choices (equipment, grouping, using walls/landscape/chokepoints) rather than continious tactical micro. You can control your soldiers to a certain degree but I don’t think there will ever be a traditional “full RTS control”. Radiant polished hearthlings’ AI in the last updates (like archers kiting enemies), and I guess there will be more made in this direction.


Yeah i saw that button but in my game it did nothing once i pressed it so didnt know if it was an issue or something else but thanks for the tips ^^ .

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Thanks for the tips didnt know for the console but i think that would be nice to be able to destroy single piece of a building for exemple to build a hole in a wall to then place a door, like the mine one block only but for building ^^

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Yeah the deconstruct button is iffy at the moment. Few bugs with it, and a lot of mentioned it not working for them.

I personally have not really truly used that at all. Tend to use the eraser tool for slabs. Then last resort command if it is something else.

Building improvements are underway, but what exactly; we will have to await to see. I only know they will be adding functionality to it and cleaning up a few things, as well hopefully as they have been doing; fixing quite a few of the bugs related to the building system. Primary thing, scaffolding use, which I am sure is something they are tending. :slight_smile: