Door Damage Discussion

In A16, we will see doors and gates take damage from hostile mobs. While I love the mechanic, it does introduce some management challenges which I hope will also get addressed:

  1. The ability to repair damaged but not destroyed doors/gates, and easily order replacements for those that do get destroyed.
  2. The ability to upgrade doors/gates in place, post construction.
  3. The existence of stronger gates (right now we just have basic gates).
  4. Automation with regard to #1 above.

My thoughts:
Re: #1 & #4 – I would prefer it if carpenters and masons will react to damaged doors/gates and proactively repair them, but only if there hasn’t been hostiles with X range of the door for a little while (so they don’t just blindly wander through active combat). Without this, players will have to constantly monitor each ingress point and manually ask for destroyed doors to be replaced, damaged doors to be repaired, etc. Which will just get tiresome after a while.

Re: #2 – Not all doors are the same size, and I’m not sure if doors can be modified once a building has been constructed today. But if I build a bunch of buildings with standard doors and later realize my mistake and want to change them all out for reinforced doors (for example), I need a way to do that. I would prefer to just click on the existing door and find an upgrade option (that uses more resources), vs removing the door and replacing it with a different one.

Re: #3 – Self explanatory. As it stands now, as ugly as it will be, I’m more likely to place a freestanding reinforced door out in the middle of my fence line because it’s the strongest available option.

@sdee, your thoughts?


I think that that would be a good solution.

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These are good suggestions!

One thing that we do have is the automatic replacement of destroyed doors. However, modifying existing building templates is still… super challenging. We’ll think about it!


Oh, cool! Is the automatic replacement of destroyed doors included in the current unstable build? Or is that A16 roadmap? Either way, awesomesauce. Just curious. :slight_smile:

@megashub Yes! Doors autoreplace in the current unstable build. But you can only replace a door with a similar door (i.e. you can’t replace a plain door with a reinforced one), and the replacement door needs to be available in inventory.

We’re working on ways to allow your hearthlings to repair doors that have been damaged but not destroyed. Stay tuned.


Excellent! Thanks, @brad.

Glad I asked before everybody vanished into new hire onboarding next week. :slight_smile: I’m not sure I would have encountered this in-game before Thursday. Travel safe!

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