Fence Gates are not replaced when destroyed

When a hostile mob destroys a fence gate, it is not automatically replaced with new one from inventory.

I have not yet tested this on stone fence gates, only wooden.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 D3002 x64

I don’t know if it historically did this - but I know the fence parts are not considered as buildings - but items, so maybe why this is so - not sure what it would take to make the item have a replacement order - but would be challenging if /every/ item did this, as moving a item from one place to another might potentially leave the same replace queue.

I’m pretty sure the dev team explicitly stated that doors are auto-replaced when damaged. Perhaps it was just an assumption on my part that any non-living, player-made thing that a hostile mob might target and destroy would get auto-replaced.

@linda, your thoughts?

They do when placed as part of the building blue print - but I think if you just left a hole and then put the door in after construction, it wouldn’t get replaced.

Hmm. Interesting. If so, that’s potentially problematic. Fence gates are a legit part of perimeter defense, and should get maintained as well, IMHO. I would prefer, in fact, that we eventually get repair capabilities to restore damaged doors, fences, fence gates and turrets before they’re actually destroyed and require replacement.

I believe the engineer can repair damaged doors. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

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Thanks, Yang. Is that limited to doors, or does that extend to fence gates too? Also, do they have to be part of a building, or will they repair free-standing doors too?

Finally had an opportunity to watch and see on an Engineer repair action. They do indeed repair damaged fence gates. But they do not appear to get replaced when destroyed.