Give Players an option to auto-replace destroyed entities

Don’t you really hate it when a door is destroyed and you need to place another one to repair the damage? Don’t you want to smash your keyboard when an enemy destroyed one of your turrets and you need to manually click through all the menus again?


  • Add an option to auto-place a ghost version of an item whenever it is destroyed.


  • Add a non-functional ‘broken’ state for doors and turrets when they are destroyed, similar to the way Hearthlings lie down when fallen in battle. The Engineer would then need to consume gears in order to fix the item.
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Uhm, I didn’t tested, but it already works this way. Unless it changed with the recent builder.
Both turrets and doors get a ghost.

Turrets, at least, do not get a ghost in my town. I am playing on the Unstable branch, maybe that has got something to do with it.

They have to be placed in a building for them to get a ghost. Is that your case? Or did you place them on the ground?

I placed them on the ground :slight_smile: