Engineer Turnip shooter wont repair

so i placed a turnip shooter on a build ground and it got destroyed.
now there is only a ghost of the turret and the engineer wont repair it.
I also cant remove the ghost or move it or anything and it even says that i cant place more than 2 turrets but i only have one placed.

what can i do to fix it?

have u tried clicking it and go to console command /destroy

to do so, hit ctrl c and type /destroy then enter while its selected

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thanks for the fast reply. it worked!

In my experience with that same thing, the ghost shows that the engineer is making a turret or trap to replace one that was damaged or used up (or even that there was a replacement in inventory and it is being brought out from storage). If I leave it be for a bit, the defense is produced and placed.

I like it that it works that way with defenses that weren’t totally destroyed.

yeah i think i canceled the task so he didnt produce it

Ah, then if you had re-added the job to the engineer, he probably would have then placed it in the spot shown by the ghost?

I believe that’s true. @Relyss?

The ghost does not mean they’ll repair the turret it means they’ll place a new one since the last one that was there was destroyed, are you sure you had spare turrets in your inventory?

Yes. Ghost items means that someone has to place an item of that type there (this also happens with the doors that the enemies destroy, for example).

If you cancel the build order created from the item’s destruction and then recreate it later, they will fulfill any pending ghosts, yes?

Yes, They will do it.

Have Fun, Kyth.