Turret cannot be moved

Release 566 x64

I placed my first Turnip shooter i’ve made near the entrance of my town, but now i can’t move it. I made an elevated platform where I wanted to position it but when I clock on the shooter the move button is faded out and says This item is in use. Try moving it later. It’s not attacking anything, it’s ammo is full, and it isnt damaged.

I can’t seem to reproduce this, could you upload the save where this is happening?
If it’s too big you can use a free hosting site like Google Drive, Dropbox, Filedropper, etc.

Are there any monsters nearby at all? It’s possible it’s still targeting a monster, and the commands are disabled when it’s in combat. A save would be helpful! In the next build, reloading the game should reset the commands to the correct state.

I had this issue only once before a quick reload cleared it up.

I do want to piggyback a related topic. Once the turrent is destroyed there is no way I have found of removing the ghost image except by console destroying it. I know that the engineer will eventually get around to replacing it and then it can be moved normally, but when resources are lacking it could take a while.

Which file do I upload? I’ve never uploaded a save file before. I can upload it in the morning I have to head out tonight

@Shukurai, to upload a save you need to zip the folder where the files are stored. For example, what I’ve selected here:

Inside that numbered folder there are several files that compose the save. Hopefully the screenshot inside the folder will help you to identify the affected save :slight_smile:

Gotcha. I’ll upload the save when I get home

Here’s the save file. The turret should be right there when you load the save, next to the military fountain. There are two other turnip turrets in the town, but they can be moved just fine. Oh and the traps nearby the gateway cannot be moved either

It looks like it’s somehow targetting something, but there are no monsters around.
I’ve teleported an enemy near the shooter, and it started firing. There were knights nearby and they finished killing the enemy. After that, the commands were available again.

I wonder how it got into that state.

Would this fix @Shurakai’s save, then?

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@Shurakai, have you checked your save with the latest build?

I just checked now. Looks like everything is now moveable again :smile:

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