Broke the trap limit (Engineer)


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have 5 critter traps and 2 turnip turrets in storage
  2. Place turrets and traps down, but only 1 turret appeared
  3. Redeploy turret…

Expected Results: My turret should have appeared… but!
Actual Results: When I placed my first turret, it hit 2/2 instantly. I tried redeploying the existing turret. It showed the turret silhouette but it placed a trap down instead.


Attachments: Save zip: MEGA

Version Number and Mods in use: develop-3092, no mods

System Information: Win10 64bit

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I saw a youtuber having the same problem, just with fences. He had 6 in inventory, placed one down and the remaining ones vanished. Producing more fences didn’t bring them back.

Had this with lanterns. They get deployed in the stockpile. You can move them around from there, they just don’t show up in your inventory until you pick them up.

I’ll have to double check if this is the case, since all of my items are stored within chests. I’ll root out which chest they’re stored in… will report back if there’s an explanation.

I had this when placing beds and furnitures.