All glitches I've found with turrets so far

All the issues I’ve found so far with turrets is this:

  1. If a turret is destroyed, it’s replaced with 2 turrets, whether or not it goes over the max amount.
  2. If you try to move the turrets that replaced the destroyed turret, it just tells the villagers to place another turret down but doesn’t do anything to the turret you wanted to move.
  3. If you try to place down turrets from the building menu it uses 2 turret slots instead of 1
  4. When you have way more turrets than the max amount, it starts causing huge issues like villagers not doing anything until you reload the save.
    -This includes engineers not repairing the turrets
  5. Currently this turret issue caused a majority of my villagers to become idle even when there are things to do.

this was all done on the latest version (develop-3092)

Don’t have any mods

Link to download my completely screwed up save: