Incorrect Turret Count, Blacksmith Queue Broken, and Inn Won't Build

Summary: I’ve got a single engineer in my town currently at level 4. It says that I can have a max of four turrets, but after placing two, it says that I’m maxed out. I’ve checked, and I know I’ve only got two on the ground. I assumed that the better turrets counted as two, but after removing one of them, it still says that I’m at 3 of 4 turret slots used.

Another bug in this same file is my Blacksmith isn’t working due to being stuck on forging new steel ingots, when I have no iron ingots to create them with. I’ve deleted the order a few times, and the blacksmith goes back to work, but whenever I try to get him to make more steel, he stops working once he runs out of iron. May have something to do with engineer taking the iron before the blacksmith can?

Finally, last bug. For some reason, work on the Tier 2 Inn I’m attempting to build on the side of my town stopped. I’ve got enough material, my workers are set to only build (not haul or their job), and yet the building has stopped completely. They will build other structures though.

Notes: I’ve had a few other bugs in this run, but I’ve simply reloaded my save and everything was okay.

Attachments: Link to save file: - Google Drive
Every bug described above can be seen in this file.

Version Number and Mods in use: Build 572. No mods.

System Information:
Intel i7 @ 3.7GHz
(x2) NVIDIA GTX 960
Windows 10

Please let me know if you need any more information.