Tier 2 Black smith house error

I go to build the building, the black smith t2 house… and I get a engine error, the game acts as if the building does not exist, however it did allow me to try and place one of the two story guest houses (tier 2).

Also, I’m using ACE and only ACE, no mods other than the one that is part of the game, no console activation during the play through, and no other errors. Just this. The copy from notepad didn’t work, so uploading a screen cap off steam. The engine error report was for some reason 2/2, not a big chunk of of lines, but there ya go >.>

PS: Also, forgot to point out… Ascension settlers, using the hearth of cheer.

Same issue, I’d love to be able to place this building.

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I checked all of the other tier 2 buildings for Ascension, I could place those. Thanks for replying though bigbadjeff :wink: Let’s me know I’m not goin’ crazy.

It is caused by items in the template that are no longer available in game
Had a similar problem with a template from a mod


Guess that might get fixed in a update eventually, no biggie. Simple enough to build a basic blacksmith house in the meantime. Thanks nightlancer!