Question about Engineer and Turrets

Before I start, I haven’t played the newest update yet. But reading the following:

“Initially, for defensive weapons, he can craft two types of turrets and two traps. The turrets will target and fire at enemies; they are limited in the number you can place in your town, based on level and number of engineers in town. Turrets have a limited lifespan (they will fall apart after a certain number of uses).”

What does it mean they fall apart? Will they get destroyed completely and you have to manually rebuild it or will it just be “damaged” and can get repaired by an engineer? I hope it’s the latter, because in later states of the game I can guess it can be really annoying if you have to build and place the turrets over and over again.

So I would suggest to create a damaged model for the turrets and after some uses it gets damaged and needs repair (which is automatically done) from an engineer. To make it a little bit more interesting, the repair could cost half of the materials the turret needed to be initially build. So if it took like 4 wood and 2 steel, it would take 1 steel and 2 wood to get repaired. This helps the economy, because you need a constant flow of materials and keeps your engineer busy if you get attacked often and depend on turrets alot.


when all their uses have been used, they just “poof”…

that being said, even if the damaged turrets don’t get added, i think that at the very least they should have an auto-replace like destroyed doors have.

also, probably worth mentioning that turrets have health, and engineers will heal/repair turrets that are being attacked/damaged by enemy’s.

i’m really tired so my reply might not make sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it DOES say in the changelog that auto-replacement is planned for the next update :slight_smile:

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Instead of auto-replacement, I think the repair option would be better. It also makes more sense. I mean, it’s not like the materials also go “poof” when something gets damaged and having to pay the full material price again can get annoying, if you have MANY turrets in the endgame. :smiley:

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Too late :smiley: Autoreplacement was added in dev build 3002.

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