Engineer level balance & quantity visibility

Anyone else feel like the Engineer needs a little bit of XP balancing? It’s taken me forever, dozens of different raids, to repeatedly replace my lowly single turnip turret and trap, amass enough spare gears and repair enough doors just to get him to level 2, which doesn’t even unlock the next tier of turret.

Feels like there just isn’t enough available for that class to earn XP on, and/or the XP gained is too low, and/or the XP requirements for level 2 and 3 are too steep at the moment.

Tangentially, I also feel like we might benefit from more attention being called to quantity-limited classes like Engineers, so players can more easily see if they have unlocked additional quantity or not. You can find it by trying to deploy more, but I find I just forget to look and may keep on playing with one when I could’ve expanded.

Thoughts on these two subjects?


I’d also like to point out that moving a turret/trap to a different location is quite bonky at the moment, because if the turret is destroyed it becomes impossible to change its location, because it turns into a “ghost” until a hearthling delivers another turret.

I think the mechanic should be changed, so rather than the turret going “poof”, the engineer should craft “ammo packets” and reload the turret which is out of ammo. As for the traps, I think they should turn into a “broken down” state when triggered, so it’ll still be possible to move it when it’s already been triggered.


I feel like that their should be an archer or someone manning the turrets. It just doesn’t feel very ‘Mediveal’ for them to be firing on their own, but hey, that’s just an opinion from…
Zilla, away!


You and I think alike… this is almost exactly what I said in the DT thread. :smiley: