Alpha 21 - bug on engineer --> bypass the limit

here the result

reproduce this :
make =1 on the shooter. in engineer work table
have to 2 item already placed
wait for have 1 in you bag.

move the 2 already placed. in another location
–> the first item placed will be the one in the bag. the second is one in move. (the moving icon above the turnip shooter dont show every time)

another question… my engineer is lvl 4 but the limit is 4 for all ranged weapons ? i cant have 4 turnip shooter and 4 turrel ?

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it is possible ti disabled this limit ?

i like my line of turrel… much better of a simple wall…

You can increase the limit with more engineers. I have 2 just because the repairs gets faster this way, one can replace a turret or trap while the other craft the ingredients. But with the nice bonus of having a bigger limit.

yes i know buy i want to delete this limit. with a wall of turel i am more peacefull.


i need to use a mod ? or i can modify directly the user config ?

You can mod it at stonehearth/jobs/engineer/engineer_description.json

There you will find the max_num_siege_weapons. You then change it to whatever limit you want. (This line appears 3 times, each for a different level, as you start with a low limit and as level up it increases)

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