Lvl2 Engineer Cannot Place 2nd Turret

Save from A17 D3023 with a pre-existing Lvl2 Engineer. In R566, I’m now able to place a second turret. Upon loading the save, the old limits were still in place and the new Engineer skin wasn’t applied. After demoting/re-promoting, I got the new skin and the game will now let me try and place a second turret. Unfortunately, the moment I place the second turret, it tells me I can only have one and leaves the ghosted second turret unfulfilled indefinitely.

Interestingly, once this happens, the new Engineer skin reverts too (no more goggles :frowning:).

Note the level of the Engineer and the legacy error message appearing immediately after placing the 2nd turret:

megashub-A17-R566-multiple_issues.7z (8.9 MB)

Unfortunately, you’ll have to manually destroy the ghost and sell/destroy any other legacy turrets due to save compatibility issues. This is because old turrets will reference animation/effect files and have data that may have been changed. I recommend trying to repromote after clearing the old engineer items


Great to know! Thanks, Linda! I’ll give that a try.

Might be worth mentioning on the R566 blog post?


I would just like to ask… Having not played Stonehearth for about two weeks now, is the engineer a real feature or is it a mod? I would be happy either way, just asking. Thanks

It’s a real feature :smile:


:smiley: this is amazing! Sadly I’m in Germany this week then New Zealand for three after that, but I’ll have three weeks of Summer Holidays to play around with this new feature. This game is amazing!

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Update: undeploying the existing turret and destroying the ghost turret, and then demoting/re-promoting the engineer did indeed solve the issue of not being able to place the second turret.

However, the fire.json error linked here persists, and appears to be preventing the turrets from firing at all. They target hostiles (or at least they turn toward them when in range) but I see no projectiles or firing animations, nor do the hostiles appear to take damage from them.

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