Freestanding Door Replacement

So I noticed that when you place a turret or a trap, or even an Iron door, and it gets mauled by the enemies, there’s an Auto-Replace sort of thing if you have more of them already crafted in your inventory. But when it comes to the stone or clay tunnel doors, you have to not only craft a new one, but then manually replace it afterward. Perhaps this was an oversight seeing as how the Iron Reinforced door will auto-replace? (Or does that one only replace because it’s part of a building?)

Either way, it would be nice if the tunnel doors didn’t have to be manually replaced every single time.


Traps, engineer doors, and doors which are part of a building are all auto-replaced; but other freestanding doors aren’t.

A neat trick you could use, though, is to create a door frame for tunnel doors – then they’ll be part of a building, so they’ll get auto-replaced if they get smashed down. It could be as simple as a few blocks underneath the door so that it “sticks” to that foundation; or you could build a freestanding wall across your tunnel and slot a door in (be aware if you do that, though, that hearthlings will need access to build it; they can’t build above their heads so walls that “slot into the ceiling” generally won’t build normally.)


Just place a road and add a door before “start building” :wink:

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yeah its kind of stupid but just add 1 block under where the door is to be placed so that its recognized as a building.

I still would prefer a toggle auto replace option. sometimes I actually do not want it to be replaced because a lot of reasons. maybe I don’t want to have to move it down on the crating list right now, maybe I want to upgrade or downgrade to a different type of door. etc.