Building damage?

Could buildings take damage from monsters? If not think it’ll be added?

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I don’t think they can, but there is a HUGE chance they will eventually


Hello friend! =^.^=
Don’t quote me, but I’m pretty sure this will be added down the road. Seeing the titans will be stomping on threw towns.


@Hogwartscat @whitecrayon sounds like it’ll be really cool.

You’ll also see monsters bringing in giant catapults.


Just an observation here…

Take a look at the carpenters workbench. See that ‘Reinforced Door’?
(“Stronger than your average door” is what the discription says :smile: )

I’m thinking that this might be implemented later down the road. If not, why would you need a Reinforced Door?


Really? I hope you’re just being sarcastic, @FerretBandit!

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Maybe even one day Dragons will burn cities down xD

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Buildings do not take damage from creatures or enemys at the moment and oh good god no dont add it are you insane my voxel ship with holes in it from “creeper” explosins would not look nice (with us not being able to edit our builds um NO )

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Yes they will take dmg, but its not implemented yet.

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Oh, I’m not. Get ready. :scream: