Question on Destruction

Hey everybody!,

So just had a quick question to the Radiant team.

I know a lot of people, if any, the majority, have been wanting to see more about multiplayer. Which, even though this post won’t be about multiplayer, from what you guys have shown of it, congratulations on getting it to work, and it looks awesome!

But I’m however in the minority I think. I’m more focused on game-changing elements, like building destruction and what have you.

When I bring up destruction, I’m going off of what Tom once talked about in a Dev stream a little while back ago… So… a little out-dated… : D

But still!

So, keeping this just as a quick post - is building / wall destruction stilled a planned feature?
Will it consist of destruction that is dynamic? If that’s the right word… For example, when a boulder is tossed at a wall, will that rock break through the wall and create an appropriately-sized hole?

A less leading question, what kind, or how expansive of a destruction system are we going to see?

And above it all, if they are still planned, when will portcullises (picture below) be introduced into the game?

Feel free to spoil as much as you can! : D No, but if you can answer any of this, fully appreciated.

Thanks guys!,