I need help with game code


I wanna create multiplayer mod, but i need some help with code. I’ve to enable attacks to constructions others players and optionally loots their stockpiles. the most important is disable creating custom ladders (if possible). I’ve no any expirience in that. I’m working on community project and I’m hopefully someone can help me with that. I appreciate any tries of contact with me. I’m looking for helpful users, master of coding or teachers :slight_smile:.
Discord: .RCC#2516


respectfully, have you made anything else yet :stuck_out_tongue: ? if not, start with something more…managable?


This sounds super complicated to do for a first mod.
Like super complicated.

I know there’s an easy way to enable total pvp by having each player flagged as different factions essentially. Allowing you to attack their hearthlings. Then I guess you could flag their doorways to the same faction to allow you to break their doorways…? But to allow destroying buildings, idk if that’s even a system in-game yet. Seeing as ogres and enemies attack doors and gates only from what I’ve seen.


I mean destroying fences and cobblestone walls. i done already destructible constructions so raiding monsters can destroy it. I wanna match this modification to multiplayer mode. There is no reason for attacks their buildings :slight_smile:


Wait, you are telling me you already have destruct able buildings functional?


no… i’ve only destructible constructions (picket fences, cobblestone walls) but nobody (enclude monsters) can’t attacks them


Whole-building-at-a-time destruction is already possible and used in the Titan encounter. It wouldn’t be super hard to mod it for regular enemies. Not trivial, but not super hard. Block-by-block destruction would be a whole new system, and I would advise against trying it. Fixture (e.g. fences, windows, furniture) destruction should be very easy to mod. Look at the door JSONs - I don’t have the code in front of me, but there should be stuff about being a siege target type and having health.


Screenshot - 793e89385c7195477d020c681a30cca1 - Gyazo ive this one but i want to implement that to multiplayer mode 'cuz opponents can put one million fences around their cities and make them cities undestroyable in multiplayer mode: expressionless:
I was testing that in singleplayer mode and that’s working fine, enemies destroys them like doors or gates but in mp mode fences are not still targetable and destroyable.
Additionally i wanna disable custom ladders 'cuz players can go trough fences and walls by ladders :confused:
I’ve to enable attacks for stockpiles to get advantage in PvP mode.