Demolishing buildings in Alpha 13?

Hello there,
First of all. Let me say this, I love the game. Besides the bugs, but hey it’s in Alpha stage.
It surprise me that there is no thread for this topic what I am about to tell you. (I have looked… Seriously!)

I really like the building idea stuff in this game and once in a while I make a stupid mistake like building a beginner building and later in the game I want to delete that building, that I had build in the beginning. Of several reason like, I don’t want it anymore or I have other ideas for my town et cetera…

The same idea with roads, at a certain point in the game, you will have a small village and want to make pads(roads). But then again with the “I don’t like it anymore, or I did it wrong” et cetera…

Basically what I’m to say is. It would amazing if there is a opportunity that you can demolish your building/road/anything and get some of the resources that you used to build it back.

I would to know what you guys/girl think about this idea, do you agree or disagree and why?
So if you, get this post/topic to the developers and maybe they can implement it with Alpha 13

Kind regards,


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Hey there @feri,

There might not be a thread dedicated to this (I have NOT looked…), but this idea has definitely been brought up within other suggestion topics, especially in the lengthier ones where people give lots of feedback all at once.

Regardless, this is a good idea, and I do believe it is planned to be designed eventually (not sure about Alpha 13). I am going to page @Albert, @yshan, and @sdee to see if they want to give more information on this.

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