Clayman model v1

I made a clayman/golem (like my name!) that i was just messing around with. I would love to hear feedback on how to make it look better. Also a way to change the brown to a mix of different browns, if anyone knows a way besides manually going and changing every other voxel. Also if anyone wants to give me ideas to make a claywoman that appears female but also clay-like. After I perfect the model I plan to animate it and eventually learn more code and mod it in. Thank you!

clayman1.qmo (Model for Qubicle, I use the free version 38.6 KB)

Still of clayman

GIF of clayman

GIF of clayman next to standard man

EDIT: New gif for man and clayman plus a slight design change


I really like the model!
I hope you make it into a mod =)

When you are in matrix mode use the magic wand tool in “fill all mode” to select all the brown. Then click on the modify menu at the top and select “Add Noise”. Play around with the settings, click ok, hit enter, deselect([ctrl]+[d]) and see if you like the results… if not, just undo a couple times and try again.

Here is an example of what it could look like:

(Noise level:5 monocromatic)

For clay women… maybe a lighter shade of brown? and different hair styles?

If you are just changeling models you actually don’t need to code. As long as you have the body part names the same, it should work. You might need to tweak the skeleton file a little bit to get the height right though…
And you’ll need at least the $11 stonehearth ed of qubicle to export in qb file format. ($40 home edition if you want custom animations)

Are you making a new race? or will the claymen be something that humans can make?


as do i! he looks sufficiently creepy/mindless golem-esque… and @chimeforest has some great advice (“noise” in Qubicle? sweet)…

keep up the good work! :+1:

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Cool! I’d love to see a bigger, burlier version of the golem, (a la Minecraft) but all in all, it’s great!

When you are in matrix mode use the magic wand tool in “fill all mode” to select all the brown. Then click on the modify menu at the top and select “Add Noise”. Play around with the settings, click ok, hit enter,
Thanks for that! That’s what I was looking for I just couldn’t find it :stuck_out_tongue: Edit: Found it, but its a paid feature. Oh well.

I will have to buy one of the qubicle editions and I think I want custom animations so I guess home edition. But I think I’ll wait til qubicle 2 comes out.

As for the question of race, I want to make it a race with the back story of being made by humans that were wiped out and the claymen were the only survivors.

When you say that do you mean make this golem much bigger with longer arms? I’ll try that tonight when I get the chance to mess around with this again.

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I really like @claymanr the models

No problem ^^ It’s one of the things I noticed and logged away for later use b/c I knew I (or someone else) would use it =]

Well… there is a way around not having home or master edition, but it’s a lot of work and you still need at least stonehearth ed. =/

I like the back story. I had a feeling it was going to be that, or alternatively, there is also a creation myth that has to do with claymen. Several older religions/mythologies believe that humans weren’t the first intelligent race, that the gods tried to make life out of clay, but failed. Maybe these guys are leftovers?

Either way they look great, I really like the newer model with the “hair”!

I uploaded a slightly older file :stuck_out_tongue: i forgot to hit save before I uploaded the .qmo file.

Also I think I’ll make two variants of the claymen one with the original backstory and one with a story of being enslaved by humans and revolting and maybe I’ll add a third variant (like three human kingdoms) with a backstory like yours of them being original humans.

Sounds awesome! I can’t wait =D

How’s this? Do you think it needs to be taller or no?
claymanbig.qmo (40.1 KB)


That looks great! Kind of like brown Slenderman. What would be nice is if you expand the middle a bit.

agreed… adjust the torso a bit, and this will definitely be someone you want to avoid in a dark alley…

or, a fully lit alley… or a church, surrounded by puppies…

The Newfs… the Newfs! :frowning:

Like this?

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^^^^See above for new model^^^

I like it! It’s less Slenderman-esque, and definitely looks burlier.

I’m still partial to the 2nd & 3rd model from your first post and also the one after that for some reason…

I guess that makes me old fashioned, lol :sweat_smile:

I think it’s maybe because the chest to arm muscle ratio seems a bit off in the last one… Though they aren’t human, so there’s no reason why they would have human proportions.