Monster Hunter Mod!

I was just playing monster hunter and realized you could totally make a civilization mod for them! I mean they live on / near water and bright colors and all use what they catch/kill. The creatures would all be wyverns / dragons and you would need team to kill them.

You could also create more titan monsters and use their parts for more unique crafts (weapons, armor, paint, building materials.) I can totally see killing enough monsters to make bone architecture! Also, the idea of appoint some experienced soldiers or class beyond “big game hunter” to be a “Master hunter” so it gives you an edge on bigger monsters and titans.

We’re obviously not sure how far they’re taking the big game hunter thing, but we do know it’ll be a class specifically made for hunting the larger beasts of the game, and as far as I know you’ll get something from them whether it be materials or items … I’m not sure.

It would be a pretty awesome end game thing for you to do to assemble a team of big game hunters and send them on their way hunting the largest monsters the game has to offer …

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So I must spend hours looking for rath ruby in this game as well!!!

Its not just you doing so either … there will be other villages after the same monster! So if they get it first INVADE THEM! >D

ha rath ruby me and a mate had the g rank rath down in less than 10 so that wasn’t hard. we were swimming in rubies was awesome. also i look forward to seeing this mod done