Mod Idea: After UnderTale

So the topic describes it pretty simply put. I just finished Undertale my first time, finally, through the True Pacifist route. And the ending was of course very inspiring and all.
I immediately decided never to play Undertale again (because of the lore behind it being that it erases all of that history. I can’t do that to them). However, I imagined what it would be like for the monsters as they set out into the real world and start integrating with humans…
So I’m wondering if someone would want to create a mod that adds in a humans/monsters race (and/or an all-monsters race) with models based on those in UT (Skeletons, “Boss Monsters”, fish, fireballs, bunnies, etc…). I suppose classes and such could be reworked but for the most part my concept just involved the models for lore purposes. What do you guys think?

This calls for a new food recipe: Spaghetti!


@Jandroy Hell yeah. :smiley: