Attack on Titan Mod Idea

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could build giant walls and every now and then you would be attacked by a legion of titans? Edit:Im talking about the anime btw.

hmm… are you proposing a mod idea? asking a general question? making a suggestion?

Mod idea, in the form of a question.

How is this really different from what is in there already? We know there will be titans and monsters and with the plan your buildings stuff you should be able to build giant walls. The only part that you could mod in really would be the different monsters. If you have plans for specific things from the show to put in like powers or titans then go ahead and post ideas on how they’d translate to Stonehearth but as is you’ve described something that will almost definitely be in the game.

There would be three specialized classes which form squads. The Royal Police,the Garrison and the Recon squad. Recon would report to the garrison, informing them of attacks so they can form their defenses before an attack.The Royal Police are the defenders of the main castle while the garrison would defend the wall and Recon would well, preform recon.

i’d assume you’d have different types of titans with special types of titans acting as your SH titans. I won’t go in too deeply because i’m afraid that i’ll start throwing ideas and spoil some of the story XD

The normal titans would target anything but, aberrant titans would target the castle itself.

So then it seems like it would work best as two separate parts. A core mod that just adds new content to the game in the form of new monsters, titans, classes, etc. possibly new events like titan attacks but they’d have to be very carefully balanced so as to not just obliterate by having a 5m tall monster shamble through your fledgeling city and east everyone. Then the other half would be a special game mode where you get regular large scale attacks but start with a large thriving city complete with defences and military to prevent the obliteration and would likely have a much higher combat focus than the base game.

Titans in Attack On Titan are basically are giant human looking monsters who eat humans.The way humans kill them is using 3d maneuver gear,and some of the titans are 15 meters tall.Thats why they made 3 giant walls.

I actually knew most of that, the main problem though is that coding in the 3d maneuver gear will probably be really, really, really harder as it will include writing a really complex ai pretty much from scratch, the animations and modelling should be simple in comparison but creating an ai for high speed combat in 3d with grappelling hooks and acrobatics? That’ll be nasty alright.

Good point :confused: didn’t think that through.

im at a bit of a loss in this conversation… shocking, i know…

but if the intent is to have a mod involving titans, im all for it, and wish you the best in fleshing out the idea (whatever that might be)… :smile:

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:open_mouth: Another idea! Be able to recruit humans who can transform into a titan!

Not to mention that the maneuver gear would be invisible due to the lack of hips/legs in human models of stonehearth. Or at least the lower part of the equipment(straps) and the wires. (If anyone planned to do that).

Curse you perry the platypus! :anger:

I think the whole issue with having to basically design a twitch combat system including strategies and AI from scratch. Twitch level combat is hard enough in the first place without even making it properly 3d or needing AI like this. A 0.1s delay could easily mean death with the kind accuracy the system needs.

You’re right. Although the original idea [quote=“ScorchingRaider, post:1, topic:2873”]
build giant walls and every now and then you would be attacked by a legion of titans

without add-ons seems fun, too. We can at least do that. (Anyway titans are deadly enough :fearful: - I’m talking about the anime xD )

Its an anime, shingeki no kyoujin :wink:

Well they are always dying in the anime :confused: