Improved NPC's, battles and enemy's

Hello, this is my first thread. I have played Stonehearth for 15 hours, but as I played it I realised it is way too easy (even though I play on normal mode). I was wondering if we could either add massive battles to normal mode or make a new game mode. I say this as I find it too easy to start a prosperous town, so to overcome this I think there should be NPC villages, (a group of NPC humans building a town/camp) improved enemy AI, more enemy’s and hordes of goblins. Also, I’ve heard rumours of "Titans in the game, but I’m not sure if it’s true. If it isn’t then please add it, but if it already is in the game and I’m just a massive noob, I hope that the producers will contemplate making more and sub Titans.

Please tell me what you think about my ideas, and post more ideas about this subject.

Except your titans, all of your ideas will be certainly added. The game needs just to be more balanced but they’re working on it :grinning:
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Thank you for replying so quickly! Oh, and thank you for the welcome! I can’t wait to see what will be added in future updates!

Don’t hesitate to follow the news and see what needs to be improved !

maybe i just misunderstood you there, but there most definitely will be titans,

im not so sure about the NPC towns, but the rest is indeed being worked on or is planned, TR is hoping to add a whole bunch more enemies and improve combat in A14.


Yes, that’s next update, I can’t wait! I wonder though if Titans will be implemented or not, as i seems a bit of a mystery to me!

titants are planned to be included… giant boss monsters basically… the first stonehearth trailer showed one i think… dont remember really but i think it showed a titan.


Yeah, that was what made me think about the Titans, and after a few youtube video watching I began to wonder if it was in it and was removed, if it was ever in it etc…

The titans just arent finished yet… but i believe they are still planned


Titans are still planned. We’ve seen at least 2 models in development streams so far. One of them just a few weeks ago. It will take some time before they make it into the game though, since they require some rather big changes in the engine to support them. It’s been mentioned that they’ll need their own pathfinder and (I’m not sure but) the devs might have said something about them being able to destroy buildings, which isn’t supported in the engine yet. You’re probably also going to need siege weapons to fight them… and so on. So, they are planned, but don’t hold your breath. :wink:


Things are being worked on to make it a bit tougher. Ie: sickness, keeping your hearthling not just fed but quenching the thirst, and random monsters

there will be small villages, but really small, ie: the rabbits. Also when multiplayer comes expect neighbors if ur playing that way

Currently being worked on, expected next alpha and beyond to improve

More monster are coming, again expected next alpha and beyond

Titans will be in the game, they need to work on a few thing with them ie: the pathfinding as they can not use the same as small creatures.

side note: Expect mini bosses too like the goblin warchief, (Lich is one i know of)

You should be able to do massive battles, once Ai is improved. One example of this is to gate ur town off. let the goblins gather up outside and then send all ur footman at them vola massive battle