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This is my main project, in which I will add many things to the game.
-Some decor items.
-More coming soon.
Project1 GitHub link: GitHub - nicedude80/Project1

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A tech system would be cool, but would you be willing to spend the time to mod that in? And if you did, i think it would be better to research things like new weapons, armor, tools, classes, etc. (personally i wouldn’t want cars and such in SH, but you can mod in whatever you want :))
EDIT: why did you change the original post! now my post doesn’t make sense :stuck_out_tongue:

“more monsters” is somewhat generic… :wink:

here’s a thread that might add to the discussion on which might make viable new mobs… :+1:

somehow im imaging villagers squabbling over which computer brand is better :stuck_out_tongue:


A steam train would fit the feel of the game better than cars I feel. It also gives a nice improvement tree, from hand carts to steam to electric lines


Those are great ideas, and stuff like electricity and cars would be added much later in the tech tree. The steam train idea is great, and yes, I would mod all this, it would take along time before its done though. I know more monsters is kind of vague, but that’s why I posted here, I’m thinking of adding, things like dragons, trolls and other fake medieval creatures. Thanks for the suggestions!

What are you talking about? Do you not get ogres where you’re from?

No, I don’t get ogres where im from, only dragons, lol :smile:

How does the Snow-Man Titan Model look?


just an fyi - if you are the last person to make a post, simply editing your last entry will effectively “bump” the thread… :wink:

What do you think of the model?

i think he’s adorable… but could probably stand to hit the gym a bit more… his arms are like twigs… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats hilarious, lol

Derpy the dead fish is the newest mob. Steak6 made him.

the Easter egg im making has something to do with dragons guesses anyone

@sdee @Tom @anyoneElseInTeamRadiant I have created a new mod (All files found here: GitHub - nicedude80/Project1) and when I package this mod up, and try to launch SH with it, the game does literally nothing. It doesn’t launch at all. here is the stonehearth.log 9Thanks for any help you can give me.):

2014-Nov-01 21:41:45.305395logger initialized
2014-Nov-01 21:41:45.306395 | server | 1 |                              app | Stonehearth Version
2014-Nov-01 21:41:45.331401 | server | 0 |                | lua git is enabled
2014-Nov-01 21:41:45.333414 Fatal Exception.
2014-Nov-01 21:41:45.333414 Total System Memory: 8530243584
2014-Nov-01 21:41:45.333414 Current memory usage: 23867392

Ahhhh, I didn’t check the paths. I’ll check that tomoro. I’m 99% sure that’s what it is! considering I’m using an old mod template from an older alpha. Thanks for your help!

@Programmierer I redid the file path so it now goes to the new folders Radiant added. it still will not launch. Would you mind taking a look at this again? GitHub - nicedude80/Project1