Fallout Conversion

I came across the early test screenshot of a character sheet found by @SteveAdamo. I decided to play around with it as a re-skin concept:

Note: The character stats and attributes I used are hypothetical.
I do not know what the game will actually start with at default.
Adding & changing character stats would be a very large design decision that would have to wait until much later.

This is sort of an example of what I’d be shooting for in the feel of the conversion. It should (hopefully) be recognizable to the viewer as soon as they see it, that this GUI is both of Stonehearth and Fallout at the same time. The aesthetics of the game are one of the most important elements, and it is important not to jar the players’ experience by making either element too dominant.

I’ve learned a few things, mainly that the font Berlin Sans FB Demi is not the true font that the devs are using in the original screen shots. The hunt continues.

Ber is seen here sporting his Combat Armor. Not the best coloring, but it will do for a screenshot or two.

You can see the original two here:

character screen blending by roughshod_stonehearth, on Flickr

A short Bio on Ber Muteyhands

One of the original members of The Vault, Ber left immediately upon
the opening of the vault door. During the crisis that preceded the
Opening, he had been one of the most vocal in favor of breaking the

Filled with dreams of adventure, he refused to spend his “whole life
in this forsaken pit.” Whatever adventures Ber found, however, did not
go as planned. He returned a short two weeks after his departure with
his hands and forearms badly scarred. Some even say mutated, although
he has worn gloves ever since and the question of what exactly
happened remains unanswered.

Due to his skill with the gun and sudden remarkably high tolerance to
radiation, Ber has been a great asset to the city ever since. His
original family name was Burleyhands, although he has since changed
his surname to one he felt more in keeping with the times.

Hope you enjoy :smiley:


enjoy? no… that doent really capture it…

completely blown out of the water? yea… that about sums it up… :smile:

good grief @Roughshod, what’s your background? you clearly have a knack for the visual, and an eye for presentation…

love, love, love the mock UI… :+1:


I got an Xbox a year and a half ago but I only got Steam and Origin earlier this year…I’ve always played games like Civ 3 but I never properly started buying lots of games until this year

I sense a problem with your UI, one I believe you may’ve already spotted. Stonehearth names are longer than fallout names, you don’t have room for longer names. Best way I can see to deal with it would probably be to shorten the skills box and widen the name box. Although it’s likely that we’ll get the os specific scroll bars and the windows ones are ugly and just take up space, mac is much better there. Also thoughts on making close an X and putting it in the top right/left. Just trying to think of ideas but it does look pretty good.

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Mer ButteryHands… thoughts @SteveAdamo?

Very interesting setting, hope to see more infos on the short and long run.

I have a lot of resprect for everyone who wants to create a complete conversion of Stonehearth. For me this sounds like an awful lot of work :wink:… even more so if I read about additional events, and so on.

Maybe we will get a first taste of your ideas in one of the smaller mods you want to create uring the beta.

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You are right, played fallout 3 and new vegas^^
And i am totally fine with him being able to move(didn’t even think about his previous state D:)
Personally i felt that the ghouls in the museum where the most friendly people, sadly they are hated by most of the other ignorant bastards out there! And the idea of the ghouls in New Vegas at the Rocket lab was also quite intriguing imo

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@Sidewinder the rocket lab was probably built a lot like a bunker so the scientists there may have taken shelter there, the bunker like lab must have saved them from most harm but the lab isnt built for this kind of stuff and the scientist would have become ghous

haha… i dont care if he’s called Waldo Mc. Scratchy Crotch … i love everything i’ve see about this TC… :smile:


Wooooow. And now I have my protagonist. For everything.


This is the shizz my dreams are made of! :smile:

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I’d like to toss my name into the hat (or Power Armor Helmet) as a Writer/Editor. My modding skills are effectively nill, but I know the Fallout IP like the back of my hand. I’ve got around 300 hours in New Vegas alone, a fact which I am not sure whether to be proud or scared of, in addition to about a hundred in 3, and a couple hundred combined from 1 and 2. Long story short, I know my Fallout. This is of course, assuming you still need the help. If not, I can’t wait to see what you do with it.


So much enthusiastic support :slight_smile: Love it!

I played around last night with a voxel vault (Trademark!) from old screenshots. It is helpful for me to create whole scenes from this far-out view, showing what is an ‘essential element’ to the landscape such as the computer terminals and doors. Re-recreating Fallout art is both good and bad - Good because they re-used a ton of art in the game and there is a lot less than in more modern games. Bad because… there’s still a huge amount of art and objects when you get down to it…

You can see in true Fallout style, the elevator is broken. I don’t know a ton about the SH engine that will come out, but I’ve never seen anything about an elevator mechanic. I’d guess it would be a total nightmare for pathing.

An elevator is fine in a single player RPG, but what if you need 10 villagers using it? I’d inadvertently create a line waiting for the elevator - fail! So the stairs are there as a safe back up. I have no plans for a working elevator (unless some scripting geniuses figure it out, then sure!).

Also - ideally the player won’t be using his/her vault a ton, the idea of Stonehearth-Fallout is to leave the vault and re-build the world. I’ll plan on making it difficult at the start of the game to alter the vault in a usable way. If and when the player maxes out a “technological” capacity, they should be able to alter and create new vaults though, such as the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave have done. Kinda like how you can’t create a huge castle at the start of a normal game.

My next mini-project will take a while as I’m going to have to learn more stuff to complete it. In the meantime here is Ed preparing for his cameo:

(No, skeletons aren’t a playable race :tongue:)

@SteveAdamo My background doesn’t contribute much to this (I’m a pharmacist. I’ll probably work on herbalism & alchemy mods too as a smaller scale project). I did learn to program somewhere around 10 years ago now? Good old Quick Basic! I should be able to do at least simple scripting elements I hope.

@xavion Yeah it’s not a very ‘sound’ UI yet :slight_smile: It was more just as a fun project for me as a place holder til we see what is needed later.

@voxel_pirate Yeah it’s a huge project, more than I can do myself without a doubt. Once I get a little more into it I’ll scout more of the internet for potential help. Even if the “Total Conversion” doesn’t happen, maybe I can at least get a lot of good assets that others can reuse in their own mods. That is what I find appealing, the effort I put in to it will produce at least some usable benefit.

@Sidewinder Hehe yeah, I’ve got over a page of Ghoul synopsis written already… :blush:

@Quinnius Great! Always happy to have another lore specialist. You should poke around in Qubicle Constructor if you’re feeling adventurous. Its really a lot less daunting than it seems, I just started a week ago and I’m no 3D artist at all.


Maybe after a certain amount of time (Just to empty the vault of all valuable food and stuff) The mountain or whatever the vault is built into collapses effectively sealing the vault under ground or you could have a bunch of vault citizens kicked out of a vault but before they left they stole/were given a G.E.C.K. and you would have your 5 starting villagers (one carrying the G.E.C.K. ) wander around like your settler does in Civ and when you find a place you like you settle down and start your village and all this could add to the story of your little vault dwellers

Happy to be a lore specialist. I’ll certainly check out Qubicle, though a bit of poking seems to show it’s behind a small paywall. Is the $40 worth it, or is the free license enough? Not to mention, this is your progress in a week? Oh lord, I cannot wait to see what you can come up with after some time under your belt.

To toss an idea around for how to deal with the Vault situation, something that was brought up earlier is Vault City. I think’s a fairly perfect model on which to get a basic premise. In the games, Fallout 2 specifically, Vault City’s actual Vault is storage and some industrial. The people left, used their GECK, but settled in the same general area as the Vault. Now, that’s been talked about and tossed around already, but what I perceive to be our version of emergent storytelling is finding your place in the world. Since factions appear to be a thing in the main game, and I assume we’ll be adding our own, this is what I foresee: You and your people GECK it up outside the vault and set up a settlement. Then, you send out caravans just as they did to find other people. Vault City was a technocratic “republic” and thus brought something new to the emerging NCR, eventually ending with its annexation. Now, what if your Vault City was a slaver hub, or agrarian republic, or, even better, YOU form the NCR instead of joining, it giving a different buff or bonus. All of this adds up to an experience largely built from player choice, with (ideally) elatively few hard structures having to be put in place. Now, I have no illusions to the fact that this is probably a mountain of coding, if even possible, but StoneHearth seems built to allow it, especially with proper faction implementation. Just my two cents.


@Quinnius You can start with the free version. Functionality is not limited, just the possibilities of exporting. Once you like it (and you will), you can still purchase :wink:.

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I can totally see this becoming another game entirely

My that Ed is a handsome fellow if ever I saw one!

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@voxel_pirate Sounds like a plan, skeleton man.

love it… as with some of the other voxel wizards, you clearly have a natural talent for the tool (and an eye for visuals)…

we’'ll take this conversation offline…