[A24] [Biome] Sacred Grove


Can someone tell me if this Mod works also for the new Alpha 19 Update? Thx


No, and neither with a18. The mod version is still 2 (should update to 3) and the biome file is still merged (should be split in two different files)


ok, i understand :frowning:
thank you for the reply. What a pity! Was a nice MOD


Was one of the two mods i mainly used…

Sacred grove was the BEST biome…

and the other mod was HOMF

rip sacred grove, hope we’ll meet again… :sob:

Crying and drinking


@moderators It would be ok if I updated this and post here? It would not have any change, just an a17 to a18-a19 patch.


I’d love to say yes, but that does violate our one ring to rule them all:

We’ll simply need to hope that @LePheel will come back and provide the update.


That’s ok. :slight_smile:

If anyone really wants it updated, you can use this as an opportunity to learn a little modding yourself :wink: All you need to update this mod is explained here: Important! Modding Changes, August 2016 – Stonehearth

  • Back to sobbing i guess
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I give my explicit permission to update this mod, for yourself or anyone else


Do you want me to update and send it to you, so you can publish yourself?


Sure, I haven’t been active recently due to work, but I’d be happy to post it in the OP and credit you



The best biome is back!


I gave him the updated files, later he will upload it I think.

@LePheel It would be a nice idea to also inform which alpha each download is compatible with. This way it is easier to know if something is updated or not :slight_smile:


Thats great :smiley:

I hope the new Version is online soon. :heart_eyes:


Yea, or like… some kind of ‘‘activate’’ key/option in the game to add mods insteed of just dragging files.


I think the Radiant-Team already works on a kind of MOD-Manager in-game. But maybe they implement it later in the game.

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Isn’t there a mod manager in the the latest version of the unstable branch?


He mean a really Mod Manager not just activate and disable xD

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totally fogrot to send this to you earlier @LePheel, but are you (or @BrunoSupremo ) still interested in adding them to the biome?


Uhm, not sure when he is going to come back, there is some people asking for it.
So here it is:


grove_biome.zip (314.6 KB) Unzip it into your mods folder!

Changes: Compatibility update to new alphas (a18 and a19). Removed unused files and images, making it very light and small file size. (No changes in the biome itself)

@8BitCrab that is lovely! Can I use it in other projects? (Though I would prefer to let this biome changes in charge of LePheel)