[A24] [Biome] Sacred Grove


Thank you. They behave like a mod, or not?


yep, when you open up stonehearth the tools should be shown in the upper right corner. i should also note you need to take the -master part off the end of the folder in order for it to load.



  • Reverted dirt patch changes to fix berry bush placement. May be phased out if I can figure it out but this is the method I’ll be using in the mean time. Should be fixed
  • Updated links

Berry spawn count may still be low, let me know if you think it should be higher


The pioneering colony of Trickster’s Haven thinks this biome is absolutely beautiful.


@LePheel I notice the foothills still have a very large dirt “slope”, likely a remnant from the Anorien biome files. Was this left in intentionally?


This isn’t actually from the Anorien biome. It’s just the way the “steps” are coded into the way grass works. I haven’t looked into how to replace it yet.


I found a fix when I was searching through the Anorien biome files. If you would like, I can send it to you. I’ll just need to find the line it was on.


Please do, I just didn’t take the time to look for it!


Looking forward to seeing more screen shots!


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Can someone tell me if this Mod works also for the new Alpha 19 Update? Thx


No, and neither with a18. The mod version is still 2 (should update to 3) and the biome file is still merged (should be split in two different files)


ok, i understand :frowning:
thank you for the reply. What a pity! Was a nice MOD


Was one of the two mods i mainly used…

Sacred grove was the BEST biome…

and the other mod was HOMF

rip sacred grove, hope we’ll meet again… :sob:

Crying and drinking


@moderators It would be ok if I updated this and post here? It would not have any change, just an a17 to a18-a19 patch.


I’d love to say yes, but that does violate our one ring to rule them all:

We’ll simply need to hope that @LePheel will come back and provide the update.


That’s ok. :slight_smile:

If anyone really wants it updated, you can use this as an opportunity to learn a little modding yourself :wink: All you need to update this mod is explained here: Important! Modding Changes, August 2016 – Stonehearth

  • Back to sobbing i guess


I give my explicit permission to update this mod, for yourself or anyone else


Do you want me to update and send it to you, so you can publish yourself?