[A24] [Biome] Sacred Grove


Sure, I haven’t been active recently due to work, but I’d be happy to post it in the OP and credit you



The best biome is back!


I gave him the updated files, later he will upload it I think.

@LePheel It would be a nice idea to also inform which alpha each download is compatible with. This way it is easier to know if something is updated or not :slight_smile:


Thats great :smiley:

I hope the new Version is online soon. :heart_eyes:


Yea, or like… some kind of ‘‘activate’’ key/option in the game to add mods insteed of just dragging files.


I think the Radiant-Team already works on a kind of MOD-Manager in-game. But maybe they implement it later in the game.


Isn’t there a mod manager in the the latest version of the unstable branch?


He mean a really Mod Manager not just activate and disable xD


totally fogrot to send this to you earlier @LePheel, but are you (or @BrunoSupremo ) still interested in adding them to the biome?


Uhm, not sure when he is going to come back, there is some people asking for it.
So here it is:


grove_biome.zip (314.6 KB) Unzip it into your mods folder!

Changes: Compatibility update to new alphas (a18 and a19). Removed unused files and images, making it very light and small file size. (No changes in the biome itself)

@8BitCrab that is lovely! Can I use it in other projects? (Though I would prefer to let this biome changes in charge of LePheel)


thanks :smile: and feel free to use it a different project, i originally created it for a marsh/swamp type biome i had plans for, but that never happened, then i saw this biome which i thought they wold fit with, but never got around to that either :stuck_out_tongue: so i’ll be glad to have it used for something, rather than just “gathering dust on the shelf” type o’ deal :slight_smile:

willows.zip (3.7 KB)

Note: these are exported from magcavoxel, so they’ll need to be re-positioned in another voxel program to work properly in-game

perfectly reasonable, though when i said that i was more thinking if LePheel still wanted them but didn’t have time to add them himself.


This biome looks amazing.
I think my one complaint would be that mountains that small are “too” easily defensible.
Early-game you could build ladders up to your settlement, then remove them during invasions.
Right now there’s nothing in the AI that could really counter it.


Thanks for fixing this glorius mod mate.


I really like the “islands” of hilly regions as opposed to the massive mountain ranges. I feel your mod better fits the Ascendency as a “default” biome and the current temperate biome would be more suited for playing dwarves.


i’m not getting any stone from the mountains, is that just this mod or is it in the coding of stonehearth?


I have no problems to get stone from it. most be something with your game, try to reload a save.


I just checked the game files. The chances had changed.
Before it was like this:

              "none": {
                 "uri": "",
                 "weight": 25
              "hunk_of_stone": {
                 "uri": "stonehearth:resources:stone:hunk_of_stone",
                 "weight": 0.5

And now it is like this:

              "none": {
                 "uri": "",
                 "weight": 10000
              "hunk_of_stone": {
                 "uri": "stonehearth:resources:stone:hunk_of_stone",
                 "weight": 200

The biome had in its settings this:

              "stone": {
                 "uri" : "stonehearth:resources:stone:hunk_of_stone",
                 "weight" : 2

So it was going to drop a lot of stone (more than other biomes), but now with the new value the chance value of 2 is really low. (0,02% chance to drop)

I’m going to update it later.

Good catch!


Is there a way you can add more water ? or ‘‘bigger’’ pools.


I’m not going to do any design changes in this biome, sorry :worried:.
I hope the original author will resume his work later. For now, I will keep doing compatibility patches.

New version download:

grove_biome.zip (314.6 KB) (only for alpha19 dev3181 or newer)

Warning! Do not use on older versions, or you will only get stone from mined rocks, and no ores!


ah, i see. any idea of when the A19 will come out?