[A24] [Biome] Sacred Grove


Thank you for all the help updating! I haven’t had the time or motivation to come back to modding of recently, but hopefully I’m inspired to come back soon.

Does this version include the stone fixes as well?


The first version I uploaded is for a18. The second has the stone fix needed for the a19.


is it A19 (final) or A19 (Early-UNSTABLE) ?


It was for the unstable alpha 19, but as nothing that affects this biome has changed, it is also compatible with final a19


Hello guys, im just curios if theres anything we can add to improve this glörius mod? do anyone think it miss something?

(Purely for discussion)


I don’t know if this is on purpos, but when I dig into non-rock ground, I get a hughe amount of clay. Building roads with bricks is a win-win-win situation :smile:


Yes, I just checked here, there is a very high chance (10%) of getting clay for each grass block (not dirt). This is 10 times higher than the default value for dirt (≃ 1%, while grass has no drops, 0%), so I’m assuming it was just a mistake.

I lowered it to a 2% chance (two times more than default of dirt) just to keep the “resource abundant” vibe. I’m not sure if this is the author original intention.
I also tweaked the rocks mining too. It was dropping 5 times more than default, lowered to 3 times more than default. Dirt mining is the same from before (like the Temperate biome).

New version download:

grove_biome.zip (314.6 KB)


I had noticed the clay dropping from grass, I was not sure if that was to make the biome friendly to the RC or not.


Added to Dropbox link. What would I do without you?


Can u create a alternative sacred grove without lakes or with less/smaller lakes?


You could edit it yourself for personal use to have less water


heyho needs an fix for a20 xD


Ah shucks, @BrunoSupremo, do you know what needs updating?


Ops, sorry for the late reply, you posted right when I got off the computer :sweat_smile:

Here it is: grove_biome.zip (314.6 KB) Compatible with both a19 and a20+

Besides the jump to a20, there was also an alias missing, which made it incompatible with other biomes for some reason. It is all in there now.


Hello @BrunoSupremo,

I have a little problem with this biomein the latest version of A20. There seem to be no berry bushes and ore veins on the map now. I am using cafe, settlement decor and brewery mod, which add plants on the map as far as I know. But I don’t think that they are causing this. It does not happen on the default maps.


Looks like it’s missing

 "berries": {
         "placement": {
            "uri": "stonehearth:plants:berry_bush",
            "function": "gaussian",

The mod version looks like this:

"berries": {
         "placement": {
            "function": "gaussian",

yep! worked! At least for berry bushes.I don’t seem to be having trouble with the ore veins so I can’t help there.


Thanks @BarbeQ for noticing the missing bushes and @Averest for looking into a fix.
I didn’t even knew this biome had berries before. The last patch was just fixing errors, so I hadn’t checked this.

Mod Updated:

grove_biome.zip (157.5 KB)

Berry bushes included again
Deleted an unused image (reduced 150 KB)

@LePheel, update the main post when you get some time.


Merci @BrunoSupremo for fixing this.


Noticed these was gone for me and i have yet to find iron veins on my world but maybe i was just unlucky.

Needs a new world for getting the bushes i guess?


Yes. I would recommend just spawning a few with commands as you already have a huge save going on it.

The iron is just bad randomness. Try exploring new mountains to discover new veins.