[A24] [Biome] Sacred Grove


What’s the command to spawn them in :)?


I can’t remember if there is a command line for it. What I use is the debug tools (activate it in your mod manager), and in it there is a “stamp” where you type the name of the object you want, and place it in your world. (similar to how the teleport command works)


You’re the best man, thanks for the updates!


Does it work with the new updates? I would like to try it out :slight_smile:


Yes it works, I’ve been using it


I does work, but it has some weird lighting issues. Everything looks like it’s being bathed in light, even if it isn’t.


I haven’t experienced any lighting issues with mine


This is by far my favorite BIOME. I prefer these rock formations over the classic mountain. It has trees, herbs, bushes everywhere. And works well with the water.


I hope it is ok i have edit this Mod to make higher Hills and set more Berry bushes.
The Biome looks now more Like the alpes.

When interessts anyone:

When its not Ok, write me, then i delete it and use it alone.

Sorry for my creepy english.


Works in A23?


yes the Original works i edit the Original works too


I have found a lot of sweet spots:

Lorki have a new Biome to Play

You are free to edit and share as you please! If you post anywhere other than this thread though please link back to the original


Workshop? :wink:


Adding now!


Steam Workshop link here!


Weather updated!


what did you do with the weather :slight_smile: ?


Added it. This mod was written long before weather was a thing in the game.


Any plan to update it for seasons?