[A24] [Biome] Sacred Grove


that looks much better and more like groves xD and you have a little issue now in the name and the manifest ^^

first in the manifest only versionnumbers over 2 will work - also the folder in the smod needs now the number 1.1

also this is to much xD “stonehearth:terrain_blocks”: “file(data/terrain/terrain_blocks.json)” and the l18n links in the biomefile must be fixed with the new mod name ^^

here the fixed version :wink: Dropbox - Link not found

what some little numbers can do :wink:

edit: and again its looks now soo cool xD

and ignore the bluelight on the mountain in the back and the lots of mushrooms ^^ thats from an plant with gloweffect from the settlementdecormod xD


Are your worlds in the images bigger than what you can choose when starting a new town? Or is it just me? :stuck_out_tongue:


its just you ^^ thats the normal worldsize but without the fog of war ^^ just before you place the settlement ^^


Bah, was hoping you held some secret master key to larger maps. They’re so teeny tiny right now. Would honestly love if the entire world you generate would be made playable. And not just the square you select.


i dont know if this still works ^^ but you can try this xD

just add this as the last point in the usersettings under the point stonehearth

        "world_generation" : "large"


Tried this, but couldn’t really get it working. Game won’t start :confused: Would love for Team Radiant to update us on worldsize, as I’m pretty sure they talked about close to infinite gen to begin with. But who knows.


Cant seem to get the biome working @LePheel I put it in my folder as .smod however nothing works; Then again I probably did something wrong lol…


Nope, not your fault, as @Wiese2007 kindly pointed out, in my haste I didn’t test the naming convention on version numbers :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll update the OP with new files

Updated: let me know if they work now!


works fine now :wink: good work xD


Could it be that the spawnrate for berrybushes was lowered? They were relatively rare in my new map(found only 20 in the whole map).


Right now berry bushes can only spawn in plains areas, so since the map is dominated by forest there will be less bushes. The spawn rates are actually notably higher for the plants to compensate, but depending on the map you may end up with very few. If it seems to be a problem across multiple maps I can tweak it, but it seemed to me to be in a good spot for the few maps I tested.


They spawn in groups, you know, those 2x3 formations, with 1 or 2 missing sometimes. That is because in the code we can set the “density”, which is just a simple way to set the chance of each bush of the group to spawn. On temperate, the density is 0.9 (90%), that’s why just 1 or 2 is missing sometimes.

Here the density is set to 0.2 (20%), so they much rarer, I’m yet to see a group with more than 1 spawn. :stuck_out_tongue:
This means that with some bad luck the entire group of bushes could fail to spawn.
Oh, and they can spawn on foot hills (from the code perspective), it is just that there is so few foothills and so many other objects that there isn’t much chance to find a room to spawn.


Ah crap, looks like I may have fudged the numbers there when I was fixing the plains code. If the density is actually only .2 right now I messed up haha.


Well, the other plants are not really the problem. They are in abundance in the open spots on the map. I’ts only the bushes. Well, have to start with one farmer more then.


Maybe I have an older version, I don’t know if you uploaded it more after my last download.


Yeah, as @BrunoSupremo mentioned, it looks like I didn’t spot check an error with the berry numbers. If you want hold off I’ll update the download with a fix soon.


Well, don’t want to start over with the map, but it’s good that the error was found.
Thx and keep it up.


If it doesn’t feel too cheaty for you too you can use the dev tools to stamp in a few more berry bushes :stuck_out_tongue:


Where can I download those, think they aren’t built in the normal game (at least I haven’t found them)?