Clarification Needed

These two posts by moderators have very different points of view. Can anyone from Radiant clarify about modding multiplayer? I want to try but don’t want to get in trouble…

Hi @Matthias, if you want to get a hold of the team and dont know the specific persons tag, you can use the tag: @moderators And you will get a hold of one of them at least.
I hope you recieve an answer soon. :merry:


the thread and rules laid out by @Brad are the current modding rules, the other thread by Steve is already 3 years old and as such, many of the things in the thread may no longer apply.

hope this helps clarify things, someone from the team will probably have some more to add to this.

Hi @Matthias, the “One Rule to Ring Them All” supersedes the original FAQ (which is older), and should be followed. Brad is a member of Radiant and is the “last word” on a subject.

I’ll do a read through later today, but would you mind sharing what you see that conflicts, or are they just “different”?

Thanks for reaching out!

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differs from

What I’m unclear about is if I’m allowed to mod in LAN support so my friends and I can play together.

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Hey @Matthias! I really appreciate the fact that you’d like to try modding in multiplayer, but in this case, I ask that you do not, as it’s a planned feature that we’d like to explore ourselves, and is, in fact, partially-implemented in the core of the engine. I respect the fact that you’d like to do this enormous amount of work for your friends, but honestly, it’s SO much work that I think you might have more satisfaction out of it if you made your own whole game. :slight_smile:

Edit: In the case above, I’d say that the original modding FAQ was true when it was written, when 99% of the game was an in-progress feature, but as the engine coalesced, we’ve decided to be more careful with stuff that’s available to play with. I’ll go back and change Steve’s original modding FAQ to match Brad’s later post.

Thanks for digging into it and asking about it! :smiley:


OK, thanks. I’ll update the old FAQ when I’m at a computer.

The rules about modding in-progress features did indeed change with the “One Rule”. LAN support is an interesting question, though, as it is something very far off in the plans. I’m honestly not sure. @brad or @sdee will be able to give an answer with certainty.

Edit: Ninja’d by Stephanie :smiley:


@sdee Thank you for giving me a final answer. I am a bit disappointed, but it makes sense. I know the game is built for multiplayer from the ground up. Again, thank you, I’ve been searching for this answer for a few days.

p.s:I actually am starting my own game this summer!


Let me be the first to wish you the best of luck . Once you’re ready to share it, please post in #other-games!