The Modding Community

Hello everyone!

I remarked in a different thread that we’re in a good position to start any sort of modding community trends that we feel are beneficial. We’re small enough for this message to reach the majority of active Stonehearth modders, but we’ve also got Steam workshop released, which may result in our crowd getting bigger soon. I propose the following general guidelines for creating mods:

  • Aliases, components, mixintos, and controllers should mimic the original game structure as much as possible (e.g. the glowing_energy_weapon goes into mod\entities\weapons\glowing_energy_weapon, and not mod\lol\goof\hi.exe.json)
  • Non-additive overrides should be noted in the mod description to avoid conflicts with other mods that use the same overrides (official modding guide, skip to “injecting content with overrides” – these are NOT what need to be noted, as the chance of collision is very small)

Do you guys think these are good ideas? Does anyone have any others?