[Mod] Brewery Mod 3.0 - Alpha 12 - *New Update*

Thanks! I remember the brewer class and have been waiting but figured the little hearthlings deserved some fun in the meantime :smiley:

Also that’s a great idea about extending the list of drinks to use existing ingredients I’ll pop that on my list of things to do and get cracking :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!


you are quickly becoming one of my favored people of the discourse, definitely going to be using this mod, in fact i’ll probably be using all the mods you release… :smile:


Naaaw :blush: thanks! I’m kind of amazed by the wonderful reaction to my mods to be honest seen as I’ve only been on here for a few days and I started modding stonehearth about 3 weeks ago!

I’ve got plenty of ideas and free time so there will be lots more mods to come! It makes me all nerd happy and glowy on the inside to know people use my mods and I’m glad you’ll get some use out of this one :smile:


yet another reason to love this community :smile:

[quote=“Kurohito, post:12, topic:16487”]
I started modding stonehearth about 3 weeks ago!
[/quote]wow, i wouldnt have known if you hadnt told me… that makes my attempt at mods look quite terrible :laughing:

awesome to hear, and remember, if you need any sort of help dont hesitate to ask.

[quote=“Kurohito, post:12, topic:16487”]
It makes me all nerd happy and glowy on the inside to know people use my mods and I’m glad you’ll get some use out of this one :smile:
[/quote]i gotta agree, its always nice to know that people appreciate you and what your doing.


absolutely brilliant stuff @Kurohito! and welcome aboard! :smile:


Thank you @SteveAdamo :smiley:


I personally believe that’s a slightly inaccurate way of putting it:

Plus of course the following files, which often differ only in the alias (cookmod being replaced to brewerymod), a few times in the description and in the case of the recipes a bit more, although it’s visible where the inspiration came from.

The diff of these files can be found as gist:

I didn’t dig any further, didn’t check for simply renamed files or similar. That’s just what I’ve got from looking at it for about five minutes.


So, what distinguishes this mod from @Froggy’s? What in it is new, and what in it is not new?

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New: Alcohol, mushrooms (for yeast, which actually should be added to the bread recipe), distiller, decorative barrels, and, frankly, a better looking apiary.


You’re right it was inaccurate and i have since spoken with @Froggy and taking their suggestion that this would work being a companion mod to Stonehearth Cafe. It was in no way my intention to mislead people and i am deeply sorry if i offended anyone at all. The mod and original post has been updated and hopefully we can all put this mistake behind us.


I like your work and i’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds. Keep it up :slight_smile:


Thank you @Boulderboy :blush: :smile:


Added a whole bunch of new drinks: There are now 14 in total!

Added 9 New Crops: Strawberries, Blueberries, Garlic, Cocoa Beans, Sugarcane, Tomatoes, Rice, Watermelon and Grapes

Added Harvestable Wild Plants: Wild Blueberries, Wild Strawberries, Roses and Allium now spawn automatically in the gameworld.

Converted the Decorative Empty Wooden Barrel into a Storage Barrel.

Added 8 New Drink Buffs: Buzzed, Drunk, Blitzed, Hungover, Funky Taste, Sugar Coma, Sweet Tooth and Healthy Glow.

All the details have been updated in the opening post and links updated.
I now have a GitHub for the latest releases as well as a link here which also contains a wiki with more comprehensive information about the mod and things contained within.
Brewery Mod GitHub
I have also started a Road Map to organize and keep track of ideas, planned features and what im working on as well as any bugs that arise. Feel free to have a look!
Brewery Mod Road Map

As always any issues, just let me know :smile:


Awesome stuff! I’ll try to take a look at it soon. Sounds great though, well done!


I just had an astounding revelation. Perhaps you could make a brewer class just as was planned? Perhaps you could even get team radiant to use YOUR brewery in the final version? Just look at what happened to (Mr M was it?)'s mod!


That’s actually an awesome idea! Thanks @Sandwitch!
I’ll start tinkering around and see what I can come up with :smile:
And who knows?! It would be an amazing thing if they did, but even if they don’t, I think I’ve got enough ideas and content for it to be a separate class.

:smiley: you’re a genius!


Given some uncertainty around the that we (Team Radiant) have now established ground rules (well, one rule) for building mods that may borrow from works created by others [see: One Rule to Ring Them All], I’m going to close this particular topic and the poster is welcome to establish a new thread about this if desired.

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