A21 Chabonit`s Mod - Wealth and Leadership R15.04

Unfortunately this mod is outdated and will not work in a23.

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I’d very much like to request a mod that at the very least adds the potions back into the game because those potions makes not only for more use out of the herbalist BUT it also makes things easier to manage potions because it allows you to consolidate your basic healing potions into smaller groups that do a better job at healing.

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Sorry for commenting on an old thread but I actually managed to fix the Jeweler in this mod. I have not tested the leader yet, was doing one at a time for coding practice, but wasn’t sure if I needed permission to post the file. Will try to contact the Chabonit to ask for permission to post the file. I am curious to see if it works on other peoples games instead of mines.

upload the mod or pass it to me

hey there @BrotherHowl,

as per the One Rule to Ring Them All, you do indeed need permission from the original mod creator in order to update their mod, so please wait to see if you get permission from Chabonit before posting any updates.

hope this helps answer your question :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, it was 3 am in the morning and I was half asleep but also excited I got it to work. I’m new to programming so wanted to try my hand at this. I am reading through the rules right now as I don’t want to disrespect anyone else work :slight_smile:


Has anyone heard from @Chabonit of late? Did the mod get abandoned? Did real life come tackling out of the shadows? I want to use the mod, but if it’s broken…

I worked closely together with him on a couple of projects, including this one. Suddenly he was gone and when you look at his profile, it says he was last seen july 15, 2017.

Whatever happened to him is a mystery, but real life can change fast and with that, ones priorities.

With that said, the mod do seem to be abandoned.

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So, he gets three more months and we’ll assume he was eaten by rabid hamsters.


Fornjotr it would be nice if the mod came back for the community … if you worked with it I do not think there are any problems in your posting the updated mods

It would be nice yes, but this is chabonits mod, i only helped out with design ideas on a few models.
Chabonit coded the Fornjotr mod for me, so that one is free to redo if anyone wants?
He was briefly on the Firefly clan/swamp team before he disapeared. (That one is an ongoing mod that a current team is working on)

I would suggest if anyone want to do a remake of this wealth and leadership mod, try to get in touch with chabonit, and if there is no respons after a couple of tries, do the remake, but give a great amount of credit to chabonit as the original author of this work! :slight_smile:

I know that he made all this, so the community could have the content to play with, and i am sure he would prefer it accessable rather than not.

No matter what, i am not a coder and will never be, so it wont be me that brings this back to life.


Unfortunately, unless the community rules have changed, heavy credit might not be enough to be allowed to post it.

I don’t know if they took well-loved, but abandoned mods into account. If I could code, I’d do something parallel to make up for it. Unfortunately, I’m more into making things like quest chains and I have no coding ability whatsoever.

Maybe it’s time this old hag learned some new tricks…

Yea I managed to get it working again for the new update (well the jeweler part, I need to sit down and figure out why my leader crafting file keeps crashing, but the jeweler works) and I have sent him an inbox. Make it be known I am no professional modder or coder, I’m learning. It helps me deal with this crummy ptsd to have something to rage at like coding lol.

I thought about creating a remake (with some help from another modder and giving chabonit heavy credit but the way the rules are, or at least the way I interpreted them I don’t think I’m allowed to do that. So just hoping Chabonit comes back for a few minutes and catches my inbox message. It’s an awesome mod and I would hate for it to just disappear.

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This coding style isn’t so bad, I basically referenced all of the code language from the original stonehearth game jobs to get this mod to work again. Just a matter of how much apple juice and patience you have :). Oh and Judge Judy. You can’t code without Jude Judy in the background lol


can we please update this mod for the new release?
this is by far the best mod out there, and it is killing me not to be able to play with it.
I really wish I were able to mod or trouble shoot these things, but my computer skills are limited.

@docjay60 Unfortunately, Chabonit’s been MIA for a while. Unless he returns or allows someone else to take it over, it’s been abandoned. The rules here state that anyone taking over an abandoned mod has to have the express consent of the person who created it.

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yea I have sent an inbox message, still waiting on permission as I did fix it, but I can’t release until I get permission :frowning:

could you share it privately for “testing”?

as far as the rules are concerned, is there a point at which the work becomes abandoned and it becomes public domain?