Royal (king / queen) mod 👑


Adds a new class to your game, the king. It does nothing.

Download: (33.4 KB) :ballot_box_with_check: for alpha21+

:warning: Extract/unzip it, get the royal.smod file from it and put inside your mods folder.


  • Adds the king class
  • Requires a level 6 blacksmith to craft the crown, using a gold ingot.

Hope you like it! :jubilant:

I made a new random mod, I doubt you can guess what it is
Just some basic ideas

I haven’t had a chance to test it out, but does the class actually do anything?


@BrunoSupremo, very nice!

Do you think it would be difficult to create a “workstation” that looks like a chair/throne and have the king/queen sit at their “workstation” as part of their job?


First line of the topic has the answer. First line man! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea how to do that now. Would need to do some code digging.


hehe This is awesome… i like how the class does nothing :jubilant:

The goblins aprove…


Did this come from that “how about a king” post?
In witch case its even better XD


@BrunoSupremo my lord and savior. Could you please take into consideration some of the recent posts ( todays ) in the “How about a king” post. We figured out pretty much where the boundaries should be and what we want from it.

The king doesn’t have to do anything physically, preferably only sit on a throne like @illdred said above.
Everything else would just be that much greater. Will try this mod tonight and maybe you could work together for this with the “jeweler mod” by @Chabonit .

cheers !

edit : firing up a savegame with the royal mod added around 3 months in and it works flawlessly.

edit 2: everything works just fine. Too bad I can’t spare someone now to literally do nothing but I really love the work you did. If at any point this guy is upgraded with a lvl 6 knight and be an army leader I am definitely add this to the list of mods I always use.

edit3:The first pawn I found to test on is right here.

Screenshot by Lightshot useless stats for currently useless role.

Screenshot by Lightshot and the king is not really doing labor is he ?


laughed at this. :laughing:
a class just for role-playing.


I did not thing of that XD
Priceless XD


Throne as a workigstation is great
Produce some wealth consuming oddities to give town buff for a while
No item really come to life and the king mumbles over a map table or something…
Hundreds of new possibilities

If this is just a test of modding i would be thankful to have the permission to integrate this into my jeweler mod when i’m that far down the road


for the chair - fast headstroke … you must change the workanimation to the sitting animation and as “items” he can make declarations - then you could add buffs like healing attack plus with a big radius etc to the chair


LOL I was working on a similar mod. :slight_smile:


the king could change the mood of the heathlings


I love this idea; and you could expand upon it by giving the declarations more effects and even some negative effects. For example, there might be a “work harder!” declaration which boosts the hearthlings’ energy and dilligence but costs a little happiness when it’s used; or a “stand and fight for the glory of our kingdom!” which buffs courage but can cause hearthlings to pick fights they really shouldn’t.

I like the idea of having the royal figure write proclamations which are created as consumable items much like potions are – then the player can use them as needed, rather than having to send the royal to sit on their throne when a decision needs to be made. I much prefer the image of the royal sitting around and pondering when things aren’t busy; but having a scroll ready to read out when it’s needed.

Also @BrunoSupremo your description isn’t quite accurate – royals aren’t quite useless! Since their only option is to idle all day, they make great “companions” able to chat with other idle hearthlings to potentially raise their mood. I don’t think any of the current traits actually do raise mood based on conversation, but I figure that’s at least an option for the future. It’s also a great way to give an over-worked hearthling a break – promote them to royalty for the day!


But that would require me to actually read and not just look at pretty pictures. That’s unacceptable!


Yes but a leader in real life only has 3 purposes.

Rule his people, Lead his army, Inspire civilians

I’d love to see these things happen. He could be like a knight ( less dmg but more health) but instead make the royal ( high dmg but very low health or something. Maybe make their deaths or demotion something the whole town cries over like someone who passed.


I love to see my new royal run around hauling shit like a peasant.


I would actually love to see the king as a highlevel super knight leading the defence of the settlement, that would make him a great leader in my view! If he only sits around telling what and how the other hearthlings should or shouldnt do, id tell the mason to produce a new headstone for the cemetary i am designing :jubilant:


That’s my idea exactly. If he does nothing for his people, I need an option to hang this #@%!%&^%*@ from the highest tree or bring him to my pigfarm. Perhaps even offer him to the goblins instead of my prized possessions. As of currently I am desperately waiting for update on this one to start a new save.


Here’s an idea.

Say your town gets over-run. The army gets scattered (Not dead. Important distinction).

The castle gets breached. The king is in danger! ALL hearthlings get a massive courage boost and slight muscle boost, and run to the king, determined to save them from destruction. Loyalty to the King!