Royal (king / queen) mod 👑


Stuff like that is indeed what would add that last layer of dimension to this already in depth game.


The king should have the power to kick a hearthling out of his kingdom.
And do you have any plans for collecting Tax from the hearthling?


What if I like a communist approach to my townbuilders :stuck_out_tongue:

@Giliweed1 you just make bunch of potato, turn it into vodka and sell it to the npc’s. Buy the rest ? Noone pays a dime, everyone has a job and access to resources.


I think combat wise the King should be a low damage, high health, but when he’s in a battle the other soldiers will never run away, or get a strength bonus or something. And having a King should raise the happiness of all the people in the town.


Hi @PedroBigBoy, you may want to check Chabonit’s mod. It adds a class called ‘Leader’ similar to king/queen, but it’s still under testing phase. You can also give @Chabonit some suggestions.


with @BrunoSupremo permission i took this topic as a base to create the Leader mod part of my mod.

The Leader is definetly not a combat class. If you read History you can see that the king never rode into battle in the first lines. The ruler of a land stands back and controls trading, taxes (not in the game…), speaks law, gives advises and sends his knights into battle. The Monarch rules over the land as an advisor, mentor and someone to follow.
But maybe her majesty is only a lazy person walking around in the castle eating and sleeping.
We will see how this develops.


ahem… A leader is a combat class…A ruler is not… :merry:


Pretty sure this checks out. How can you even upgrade a knight ( heavy fighter ) into a wussy intellectual.
Kings used to fight their most important battles, I’d like to see some sources on your historic views @Chabonit .



ok ok i give up to the wieser under the sun.
Maybe it is just my thought of a decadent ruler which is also a bit wise but…but…you now her majesty loves to lean back, watch the land grow and give every hearthling a warm smile and a good word to bring light to their hearts, strength to their fists and magic fingers to the crafters.

The Ruler is a good man or woman more of intellect than of superior strength (ok he / she was a knight before maybe just too much blood was spilled)


Gameplay > realism. Do what will be most fun. Game dev golden rule.


I wouldn’t say you’re wrong, but the specific ways things are being called leads to the discussion.
Perhaps if you want a good Leader in your mod, the character needs all 3 skills to be as high as possible ?
I see why you think a wise man should lead your people, but those very people also used to lead the armies.

I’d like to see a class where you have to grind or be lucky to get a 6-6-6 with charisma and "passionate knight/leader"
Gives some more depth to the whole thing without giving up on anything.



copy that now i got your idea i will consider that…
is it possible to check a requirement on attributes for class progression ?
on the other side…i thought about a trait which qualifies a better leader …


Witch case. Is there now also witches in the game? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself. I guess a herbalist, kind of classifies as a witch. XD


I think you’ve gotta use the knight background as a bonus for the leader so you can get more Intelligence/Spirit over body if you can’t get lucky or your great king/queen falls.
Perhaps the trait is better to keep the balance, in which case we would end up with

6-6-6 Charisma + Leader trait to make the best possible leader.



"Adds a new class to your game, the king. It does nothing."
like a real king! wow, thats realism on a whole new level

GOOD JOB, and nice eye for details!


could you forward me to making animations for this game?


If this was a class, what would you have it do?


It is a class, you can use it right now like any other. It just does nothing different from a worker.

I don’t believe a ruler of any kind (king, commander, mayor, etc) is beneficial to the game. No need for a hearthling to give orders around when I can do that through the game interface. Walking around buffing people is also suggested a lot and also not something that would make a difference to the game, and when it does, it is redundant as it can be achieved through other means.

This is purely a role play class. You can for example recreate yourself in game and be promoted to a king to show that you are above others. You can have two queens happy in a mansion. Or 4 kings in a castle, like in Narnia.


Maybe the King could sit on a throne most of the time hearing his subjects problems.

The player would loose a potential worker, but each hearthling who is heard by the King would receive a mood boost for some time?

The King could also have a mood and courage boosting aura, because his presence inspires other hearthlings or something.

He does nothing else because er… he’s the King.

Maybe give him a huge mood debuff too called “Carrying the Kingdom’s burdens” or something which would require the player to give the King a high quality living to keep him happy.


This mod should definitely get revived! :stuck_out_tongue: