Royal (king / queen) mod 👑


Consider this open/free to anyone wanting to continue it. :slight_smile:


Hel yeah! Too bad I’m so dumb when it comes to coding :forlorn:

On the other hand, would you mind if I bothered you with some questions? I’ve been wanting to make a class like this but always fell flat with my knowledge of LUA. I have some neat ideas and “MIGHT” be able to build this up a bit.


I looked through the thread since it popped up again.
I know that in the past I’ve shared @BrunoSupremo’s view that a leader is unnecessary since the player does that work. However, if the leader adds to the game play then it’s a different thing.

From what I’ve seen of Dwarf Fortess it handles this sort of thing by restricting the players tools for management until they’ve assigned dwarfs to corresponding management positions. There are things you can’t do with your troops until you have a military leader. You can’t see the exact amount of a certain item in stock if you don’t have a bookkeeper, and so on. And since leaders require things, like an office with certain furniture, and might have quirks, they add game play.

I like @Scal’s suggestion that the leader listens to peoples problems to give them a mood boost. This could be expanded upon by generating small quests about that problem. Maybe they ask for less ugly stockpiles and more decorations. An inactive crafter might ask for more work and required resources. After an attack someone might ask for more soldiers.
If you complete the request within a given time the leader gets xp and respect (which could be a separate meter for the leader). If you don’t complete the quest the leader might loose a little respect or the one who made the request might be a bit disappointed. Quests could of course be of different importance.

I also like @YetiChow’s suggestion that the leader could make declarations with both positive and negative effects. As in Dwarf Fortress it would give the player more tools for management. A more experienced leader can make more types of declarations and more effective once. If the leader has a respect meter they might loose some respect from unpopular declarations, but the more respect the leader has the less negative effects the declaration will have. If you tell the people to work harder or eat less they won’t be happy about it but if they respect the leader they will at least trust that it’s wise and necessary.

Through the leader you could declare that goods should be sold for a higher price, however a trader won’t buy every type of item for that price. What they accept could be random, so you don’t know when you’ll be able to sell your goods.

Through the leader you could be able to prioritize work or allow more or less workers on a specific task.

The leader could let you organize celebrations. Either for general happiness or to celebrate certain groups (military, crafters, food producers or workers) to give them specific boosts. The leader could order special items to be crafted, like statues to honor and boost certain groups.

And so on and so on. Point being the leader could have a purpose even though the player makes the decisions. If you need to uphold the respect for the leader to get the most out of it it adds game play.