[MOD] OneLaughingLlama's Modding Corner - UPDATED + NEW CLASS FORESTER


Maybe you are using the modpack which has a version of “2” in the manifest? Forest by it’s self is “1.1” and gives this error in the log:

2014-Nov-24 19:28:33.454003 | server | 1 |                        resources | Module forest version 0 is out of data (expected: 1)

Yes I did use that one.

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this been updated to alpha 7? throwing errors on forest


is this mod still going? if so can we get a rock tree ? lol


heyho an little update possible?


I would also love an update :slight_smile: but if you dont want or have time to work on it please tell us :slight_smile:

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I’ve wanted to move Silkweed and Berry Bushes since I found this game a month or so ago. Very sad to see that Moveable doesn’t seem to work with 2560. :sob: How exactly are these things supposed to be moveable? When I click on them, there’s no move option as with other things.


Hi there @OneLaughingLlama. Great set of mods here that need a bit of updating. I’ll volunteer if you need help with your mods. :grinning: Cheers!


@OneLaughingLlama was last seen the 28 of july. He is probably either busy with something else or have just stopped coming on the forum as a general thing.

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Thanks @thorbjorn42gbf:wink: As long as no one minds, I’ll see what I can do with updating of the mods since these are “classic” and I do hate to have great mods just fade away.

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as long as you dont just take his code and update it, but rather write your own code for it, otherwise you would be going against the rules,


although this is a bit different as the mod maker is no longer around…

perhaps you should ask TR about whether you would be allowed to update this old mod.


Thanks for the reminder @8BitCrab much appreciated. TR? :confused: I have asked OneLaughingLlama for permission. No replies yet. So worse case, I’ll have to recreate the entire thing… or at least the Garden mod part.

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Team Radiant, the devs :wink:

[quote=“WallyKazam, post:42, topic:8473”]
So worse case, I’ll have to recreate the entire thing… or at least the Garden mod part.
[/quote]your allowed to make your own mod based around the same idea, just no outright copying of the code.

hope that made sense.


What if u take an out dated mod I mean the code has to be similar or it wont work and just give the credit to the original author


ask TR about that in the “One Rule to Ring Them All” thread :wink:

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can’t download forest


Apparently, the mods are outdated. :wink:


Please Resuscitate the forester! This would be so awesome.

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i absolutely agree here. we already have one person making a mod to alter herbology, give us a forester class please!

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Agreeeeeeeeeeeed!!! <3

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