Nobody Makes Mods - Warhearth 40k v0.5 and more

From the brainstorm: Administratum (as the ‘mainline’ Imperial faction), Imperial Guard, Ecclesiarchy (including Sororitas), Mechanicus, Arbites (maybe), Inquisition, Rogue Trader (just one), Astartes (as a vassal), Underworld (smugglers, bandits etc.), Tau (Gue’vesa), Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Tzeentch, Genestealer Cult.

However, including all of these factions would involve a lot of work and I’m just one modder. Having them all interact in a way that is meaningful, faithful, and (most importantly) fun will also be difficult.

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That’s a good bit O.O I give ya luck, sadly I’m not a modder so that’s the best I can give rn.


Warhearth updated to 0.3

Fixed typo in autopistol recipe (autogun > autopistol)
Modified statistics of weapons and armour
Modified recipes
Moved all previous recipes to Blacksmith's workshop
Added debugging recipe to Carpenter's workshop for testing purposes

No progress on Warhearth40k today. Just messed around with another IP for a bit.


Work continues slowly on the bandit/ganger faction. I’ve built some pieces based on House Delaque from Necromunda.

Other than that, I’d like some opinions.

Which seems like a better idea, the proper-sized servo-skull in the centre or the mini-servo-skull on the right? (Hearthling included for scale)


The mini looks cooler but isn’t as realistic, perhaps you could size it up in blender or something?


Not much to boast about today. I restructured the internals of the mod to reflect the base game, deleted the recipes, and created a new trader that will sell them to you for exorbitant amounts of gold. I’m also starting work on adding a gang camp event (though it’ll be a copy of the goblin camp event for now).

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Uploaded v0.4 of Warhearth 40k.

Removed all recipes
Created an Imperial trader
Mixed in Imperial names to the possible hearthling  and town names
Adjusted material maps for the Plasma Pistol, giving it glowing bits

There’s code for gangers in there but trying to spawn one will crash your game. I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about the mod and I’ve decided to focus on making some smaller, simpler mods first. Work will continue on Warhearth 40k but it will be slow.

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Warhearth 40k 0.4.1
Bug Fix: Wayward comma in manifest was preventing mod from loading

Added a very small Warhammer-inspired mod to the OP.

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Love the Warhammer 40K IP.

I have a question though. Will there be power armor for males since you’re looking for a way to gender-lock the Sororitas power armor (I don’t disagree with this gender-lock).

I ask because you can’t really control which hearthlings end up with 5+ Body or 5+ Spirit.

Of course, I’ll whip some up tomorrow.

Oh my, this looks fantastic.

You’re doing the Emperor proud son!

Bug Fix: Missing comma in manifest would have caused errors when using SPA or Plasma Pistols
Bug Fix: File path for SPA buff was incorrect
New Item: Power Armour

In testing this I realised that the item worth needs to be nerfed. It’s late game gear but these prices are ridiculous.

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Can you pls provide a file for the models you used for this mod pls

While all the files are right there in the OP, keep in mind that unless this modder replies to you saying you can, you can’t use any of the assets he has created. One Rule to Ring Them All


I know that why I was asking

Sure, Electrify Skrill. I release these models for anyone to use.

I’ve also included some WIP qbcl files and there are some Delaque hive gangers in the old project files that were never successfully implemented. Other than the models (AFAIK), the old project files are horribly out of date, you’re better off starting from scratch.


@ElectrifySkrill Forgot to tag you for the above post.

@NobodyPro thanks

what happened I want more mod porfa if they can update the haganlo